Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015 – ISSN 1529-1057

Reno A&E Bicycle Detection System Maximizes Accuracy

Reno A&E now offers a bicycle detection system that combines a C-series detector with modified algorithms and prefabricated inductive loops for new and upgraded intersections. The Reno A&E (model C-1101-B and model C-1201-B) loop detectors identify all vehicles, including the ability to differentiate bicycles from all other vehicles, as well as scooters and motorcycles.
Both models, (CALTRANS or NEMA type), allow traffic engineering professionals to detect and provide safe passage time for bicycles without compromising operational efficiency of the intersection. Bicycle detection using prefabricated loops maximizes detection accuracy and cost effectiveness, while avoiding specific lighting, weather and maintenance challenges experienced with many types of above ground detection technologies.

To learn more about Reno A&E’s Bicycle Detection System, contact Reno A&E Director of Sales Carl Zabel at


1) Air Traffic Management System Upgrade in Philippines Completed
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2) How Heathrow Airport is Tackling Modern Challenges with Mobile in 2015
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3) All Southwest Airlines Flights Get Dispatched from this Cool, Dark Room
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4) Articles from Passenger Terminal World – January 2015
 -  How Can Airports Maximize Effectiveness of Social Media Channels?
 -  Architects and IT Experts Must Collaborate to Ensure Airport Development Plans Stand Test of Time


5) Ohio River Bridges Project to Select Toll Operator in February
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6) Transfix Looks to Make Trucking Industry More Efficient
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7) Russia Successfully Tests Alternative to US-Funded GPS Technology
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8) EASYrider – Fall/Winter 2014-15
 -  Bike Route Locator App (page 4)
 -  Southern New Jersey Bikeways Inventory Project (page 6)
 -  Evolution of Trip Planning (page 12)
 -  Transit Technology Timeline (page 16)


9) Drone-Assisted Parking
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10) Busy Moms Will Relate to New Zealand Transport's Latest Heart-Stopping Speeding Ad
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11) Signal 30: The Gruesome Film that Made Cars Safer
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12) University of Arkansas Grads Develop High-Tech Traffic System
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13) NHTSA Urges Google to Focus on Safety in Driverless Test
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14) Smartphones, Credit Cards to Replace MTA's MetroCard Payment Method
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15) New South Wales Traffic Management Systems Vulnerable, Audit Finds
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16) Uber's Taxi Data Will Help Us Understand Our Cities
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17) Traffic Buster Makes a Game Out of Traffic Management
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18) Bypassing Tolls and Weigh Stations with Technology
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19) Volvo Debuts Longest TV Ad in Swedish History
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20) Automated Vehicles – The Coming of the Next Disruptive Technology
Link to report from The Conference Board of Canada:

News Releases

 -  Call for Nominations – National Roadway Safety Awards – FHWA and Roadway Safety Foundation

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