Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - Cranford, New Jersey


1) Seoul Incheon Airport’s New Terminal 2 Big on High Tech, Art
Incheon Airport news release (in Korean)

2) Inflight Connectivity in India Gets Green Light
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India news release

3) United Airlines Saves 170,000 Gallons of Fuel by Using Lighter Paper on Inflight Magazine

4) Airports Turn to AI to Find the Dangers Within

5) How Biometrics Could Speed Airline Boarding, Stop Stowaways


6) Ohio Considers Punishing Cities That Use Traffic, Red-Light Cameras


7) Floridians Can Pay Tolls Automatically via OBD Connected Car Device


8) Interferry CEO Says Cooperation is Key to Ferry Industry’s Future


9) Keys to the Smart Cities of Tomorrow: Technology Partnerships and the IoT

10) Transportation and Health with The Citadel’s Jeff Davis and Dan Bornstein


11) New Jersey Transit’s Engines Parked as Train Control Software Won’t Work


12) A 10 Lane Highway and Colorado’s First Autonomous Vehicle Lane Could Be Prescription for West-Suburban Denver Traffic Jams

13) Wider Stripes on I-5 in California to Pave Way for Self-Driving Vehicles

14) Self-Driving Cars Will Alter South Florida’s Roads. Here’s How.

15) Finnish Project Uses Information from Buses, Trucks to Produce Slipperiness Data for Road Users


16) Transport Needs to Adopt New Strategy to Protect Cyber Surveillance Data, Says UK Security Chief


17) Virginia Expands Transportation Analytics Statewide

18) BBC Program Investigates Traffic Congestion in UK


19) Mercedes-Benz CEO Highlights Major Obstacles to the Self-Driving Car

20) University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Researchers Patent a System that Could Prevent Motion Sickness in AVs

21) Continental Doubles Down on Driverless Cars

22) South Korean Transportation Organizations to Collaborate on ‘Overheated Vehicle’ Detection System

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