Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Thursday, October 25, 2007 -- ISSN 1529-1057

1) Ontario Privacy Commissioner to Probe Toronto Transit Cameras Following Complaint
Link to CP story:
Link to news release from Privacy International:[347]=x-347-558046

2) European Media Slam Compulsory CO2 Advertising for Cars
Proposal would require "tobacco-style" environmental warnings in car advertisements.
Link to story on EurActiv:

3) EU's Galileo Satnav Scheme Needs Millions More Next Year: MEPs
Link to AFP story:

4) New System May Save Lives on Rural Roads
Hennepin County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation have teamed up to build the country's first ever collision warning system.
Link to story and video report on KARE-TV:

5) As Skies Grow Crowded, FAA Preps Air Traffic Control 2.0
Link to story in Wired:

6) ‘Your Farecard, Por Favor’
Washington Metro workers study Spanish to keep up with their passengers.
Link to story in The Washington Post: (may require free registration)

7) FHWA Puts Business First, Safety Second
Editorial is critical of digital billboards.
Link to commentary in the Pocono Record:

8) Working to Keep Drivers on the Right Side
New Mexico tries various methods to warn wrong-way motorists.
Link to story in The New Mexican:

9) Teen’s Ticket Hinges on GPS Vs. Radar
Link to AP story:

10) Maine Keeps Drivers’ Exam English-Only
Link to story in the Kennebec Journal:
Link to news release from the Maine Secretary of State:

News Releases

1) All Navigation Systems in Asia to Feature 3D and Photorealism by 2011

2) IntelliOne Expands Into Europe; Announces TrafficAid IPTV Project with Georgia Tech Ireland

Upcoming Events
Intermodal Expo & TransComp – November 11-13 – Atlanta

Today in Transportation History
2007 – The Airbus A380 makes its first commercial flight. The Singapore Airlines plane flew from Singapore to Sydney.


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