Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, June 9, 2008 -- ISSN 1529-1057

Associate Administrator for Vehicle Safety Research: Challenging opportunity for highly innovative, competent, and dedicated executive to administer the Agency’s vehicle safety research programs, which support, rulemaking, vehicle safety compliance, defects investigation, and other programs and initiatives that seek to reduce traffic crashes and their resulting deaths, injuries and property damage/economic costs. Plans and directs the vehicle safety research and test programs involving crash avoidance, crashworthiness, biomechanics, and other technical areas necessary to support the wide variety of the Agency’s safety programs. Formulates experiments, demonstrations, field tests and other research and development programs in order to develop data for analysis to establish crash and injury causation factors. Critically analyzes and determines the organizational human resources, budgetary and research capabilities for the Office of Vehicle Safety Research in order to provide the research needed to meet the Agency’s ever changing safety needs. Represents the Agency and the Department of Transportation nationally and internationally as a leading authority on matters related to vehicle safety research. Salary Range: 114,468.00 to 172,200.00 USD per year.


1) JetBlue to Buy Verizon’s Airfone Unit
Link to story in Newsday:,0,307886.story

2) Union Unhappy with Radar at O’Hare Airport
Link to story in the Daily Herald:

3) Online Airways New Zealand System Helps Planes Spend Less Time in the Air
Link to story in The Dominion Post:


4) Dramatic Differences in Cost of Toll Road Tags in Ireland
Link to story in the Independent:


5) Apple Unveils New 3G Phone – with GPS
Link to story in The Times:
Link to news release from Apple:

6) Europeans Lead the Way with GPS Breathalyzers
Link to CNET News story:


7) PORTS Gives Real-Time Marine Information
Pascagoula, Mississippi becomes 15th port to get system.
Link to story in the SunHerald:


8) Rouch Intermodal Will Track Containers
Link to story on Transport Information Group:

9) June Issue of Florida DOT’s SunGuide Disseminator
Link to newsletter:


10) Government 2.0: Wikis, Blogs and More
The US Transportation Security Administration is one federal agency using the Web to have dialogue with internal and external audiences.
Link to story in the Federal Times:


11) Removal of Emergency Call Boxes on California Highway has Some Worried
Link to story in The Press-Enterprise:


12) Your Papers Please: US Transportation Security Administration Bans ID-less Flight
Link to CNET News column:

13) Safety Afoot
Field testing of a pedestrian alert system.
Link to story in GPS World:

14) Stopping Aggressive Drivers from on High
Link to story in The New York Times: (may require free registration)

15) Teen Cell Phone Ban Appears to have Fallen on Deaf Ears
Link to story in The News & Observer:
Link to news release from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:


16) Dubai Roads and Transport Authority Launches Phase II of ITS
Link to story in the Khaleej Times:

17) Sacramento Traffic Monitors Keep I-5 Overflow on Track
Link to story and video report on KXTV-TV:

18) Traffic Reporting Bridges Time Gap in Pittsburgh
Link to story in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

19) Wi-Fi Could be the Answer to Traffic Congestion
Link to story in The Birmingham Post:

20) Silicon Valley Uses Technology to Ease Traffic
Link to story and audio report on KCBS Radio:

Upcoming Events
FISITA 2008 World Automotive Congress – September 14-19 - Munich

Bernie’s Notes
On June 13, 1998 what was to become the Transportation Communications Newsletter made its debut. During this anniversary week I’ll include links to previous editions of note. Let’s start with message #1 (today’s edition is #2721). This first message introduced what began as a discussion group focused on transportation communications.

Today in Transportation History
1958 **50th anniversary** - The new London Gatwick Airport opened.


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