Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, December 22, 2008 -- ISSN 1529-1057

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1) Teens Claim Pranks on Speed Cameras
Students print duplicate license plates and then purposefully speed past cameras so others get citations.
Link to story in The Sentinel:


2) Emergency-Vehicle GPS Plan is Getting a Mixed Response in Boston
Link to story in The Boston Globe:

3) New California GPS Law Opens a Window of Opportunity
Windshield mounting, previously illegal, will be allowed in two corners of the glass (not in the middle). How well will it work?
Link to story in the Los Angeles Times:,0,7671118.story


4) New Cell Phone Apps Help You Find Your Way Around Town
Link to story in The Washington Post:

5) Big Boxes Making Us Safer, and Uglier
Columnist says new traffic control boxes in Philadelphia's urban neighborhoods are required by US government.
Link to column in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

6) Very Moving Pictures
Community-based art project looks to turn blank trailers or truck boxes into finished paintings.
Link to story on Today’s Trucking:


7) Public Safety Groups Urge $15 Billion Broadband Investment
Link to story in Federal Computer Week:

8) Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle’s Facial Recognition Technology Leads to Second Arrest on False Identity Charge
Link to story in the Reno Gazette-Journal:


9) Chicago Transit Authority Sheds Light on New Subway Emergency Efforts
Glow-in-the-dark paint, added signs point way to underground avenues of escape.
Link to column in the Chicago Tribune:,0,3343771.column

10) Washington Metro-Google Transit Issue Leads to Talks
Local blog takes initiative.
Link to commentary on WRC-TV:


11) UK Highways Agency Combines with Google for Route 2.0
Link to story in ComputerWeekly:

12) High-Tech Safety Sign to be Put Into Operation in Wisconsin
System is designed to warn drivers of unsafe conditions before they cross highway by using electronic signs and a computer-detection system.
Link to story from KUWS Radio:


13) Saved by Technology: Hot New Safety Features Hit the Luxury Market
Link to story in the San Francisco Chronicle:

News Releases
Multimedia Features Enhance the Navigation Experience, but Also Represent Risks
2) Federal Railroad Administration Begins Development of Positive Train Control Regulations
3) Eurocontrol De-mystifies Safety Culture
4) Westwood One's Metro Traffic and TrafficLand Create Exclusive Partnership to Bring Leading Edge Video Traffic Information System to US Broadcasters

Job Postings
- Business and Policy Analyst – California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT) – Berkeley, California (job code 9327)

Upcoming Events
Traffic Modeling Conference – March 31 – Milton Keynes, UK

Today in Transportation History
1963 **45th anniversary** - The ocean liner, TSMS Lakonia caught fire while on a cruise to the Canary Islands. The death toll was 128.

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