Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, February 2, 2009 -- ISSN 1529-1057


1) US Senate Commerce Committee Members Eye Boost for Air Traffic Control
Link to story from CongressDaily:

2) Sensors to Boost Air Navigation at Queenstown, New Zealand
Link to story in The Southland Times:

3) United Airlines Tests Faster Bag Tags
Baggage identification will be equipped with RFID chips.
Link to story in USA Today:


4) Oregon’s Lane Transit District Drawn to Test Magnet Control of Buses
The program will use sensors and computers to follow magnetic markers in the road.
Link to story in The Register-Guard:


5) Scandal Erupts in Italy Over Alleged Red Light Enforcement Scam
Link to story in story ITS International:

6) UK Speed Camera Fines Rise Sevenfold
Link to story in Traffic Technology International:


7) GPS Gets More Assists
Although A-GPS is one of the most reliable location technologies, it needs an assist in challenging environments.
Link to story in WirelessWeek:


8) New Rules Sought for News-Traffic Copters
Link to story in Radio Business Report:

9) LimeWire Creator Brings Open-Source Approach to Urban Planning
Link to story in Wired:
Link to additional information on GeoServer:

10) US Agencies Struggling to Make Connections Online
Link to story in the National Journal:

11) Open Source Politics Breathe New Life Into Toronto
Link to story in The Globe and Mail:

12) Delaware DOT Goes Public Online
Link to story in The News Journal:


13) Union Pacific Uses Video Game Simulators to Train Employees
Link to AP story:,0,1453802.story

14) February Edition of Signal Online
Link to newsletter from the European Rail Traffic Management System:


15) Intelligent Transportation Using VANET
Researchers are working on a Vehicular Adhoc Network to make transportation systems more intelligent so they can provide a driver with crucial info.
Link to story in PCQuest:

16) Think Twice Before Using ‘Rage’ Cards
Company is selling a flip book of signs you can flash to other drivers to make sure they know exactly what you're thinking.
Link to story in the Arizona Star:
Link to further information on Road Rage Cards:


17) Local Police Want Right to Jam Wireless Signals
Link to story in The Washington Post:

18) Quake Takes Out Alert System
Link to story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

19) Canadian Cell Phone Suppliers Must Show 911 Callers’ Location by February 2010
Link to CBC News story:
Link to notice from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission:


20) BART Signs 20-Year Deal for Systemwide Wi-Fi
Link to story in the San Francisco Chronicle:

21) Comcast Tests Free Wi-Fi at NJ Transit Rail Stations and Parking Lots
Link to story in InformationWeek:

22) Ottawa Transit’s Public Relations Challenge
Forget about winning back riders — OC Transpo’s real task will be earning taxpayers’ trust, experts say.
Link to story in The Ottawa Citizen:

23) In Wake of Deadly Accident, Los Angeles MTA Makes Safety Fixes to Help Blind Riders
Link to story in the Los Angeles Times:


24) Snow Britain: Transport Web Sites Crash Under Demand for Information
Link to story in the Telegraph:

25) Tampa Bay Commuters Air Discontent Over Satellite Radio Merger
Link to story in the St. Petersburg Times:

26) Tweeting Away Toward an Easier Commute
Maryland State Highway Administration provided updates via Twitter during the inauguration. MTA provides Commuter Connection show.
Link to column in The Frederick News-Post:
Link to MTA Commuter Connections:

27) UK Traffic Information Supplier UBC Media Sells Commercial Division to Global Traffic Network
Link to story in the Guardian:
Link to news release from UBC:


28) US Justice Department Program Makes It Easier to Track Cars’ Title History
Link to AP story:
Link to National Motor Vehicle Title Information System:

29) Researchers Propose Safer High Beams All the Time
Link to AP story:

News Releases
VehSmart Launches the First Ever Personal Remote Panic Safety
2) Spanish Language Version of Directions Magazine Launched
3) FCC Announces Summit on Deployment and Operational Guidelines for Next Generation IP-Enabled 911 and E911 Services
4) Precise Orbit Determination for Jason-1 Satellite Using On-Board GPS Data with Centimeter-Level Accuracy
5) SiRF Gets In Sync with Auto Industry
6) Verizon Hub Features VZ Navigator Connectivity, Powered by Navteq Maps and Traffic
7) Egis Project Becomes Market Leader in Electronic Toll Collection in Ireland

Upcoming Events
7th Annual Cargo Aircraft & Operations Conference – April 1-2 – Brussels

Today in Transportation History
1709 **300th anniversary** - Alexander Selkirk was rescued from an island in the South Pacific after being a castaway over four years. He may have been in the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe.

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