Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, July 19, 2010 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) Glitch of New Hijack Warning System Leads to Israeli Fighter Intercept of Ethiopian Airlines Flight

Link to article in Haaretz:


2) New South Wales Mobile Speed Cameras Send 'Security' Info Back to Base

Link to article in TechWorld:

3) Speed Cameras: Good or Bad?

Link to story and audio report on American Public Media's Marketplace:


4) North Texas Tollway Authority Acknowledges Camera Problems, Vows to Boost Billing

Link to article in The Dallas Morning News:


5) GPS Warns of Red Light Cameras, but Database Isn't Reliable

Link to McClatchy Newspapers review:


6) Inside the World's Most Advanced Submarine

Link to CNET News blog:

7) COMSAR Initiates Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Review

Link to article in IMO News: (page 15)


8) Pay-by-Phone Parking Tested in DC

Link to article in The Washington Post:


9) Toyota Educates Customers as Floor Mat Alert Ignored

Link to Bloomberg article:

10) Montana Develops App for Driver's Exam Practice

Link to AP article:

11) Failure to Bash

Former road industry publication editor recounts his experience dealing with FHWA PR staff.

Link to commentary in Better Roads:


12) Eurostar Launches First TV Spot in Three Years

Link to article and video on Brand Republic News:


13) Fixed Electronic Road Signs in New Zealand Will Not be Used to Warn Drivers About Ice

New Zealand Transport Agency says mobile warning signs are sufficient.

Link to article in The Nelson Mail:


14) US Public Safety Officials to Kick Off Lobbying Blitz for Spectrum

Link to article on Nextgov:

15) US Customs to Promote Registered Traveler Program

Link to article in USA Today:

16) West Virginia Amber Alert Gets New Look

New logo designed to catch drivers' attention on highway signs.

Link to story on WSAZ-TV:

17) Mobile Mapping While Driving: Is It Risky?

Link to CNN story:

18) Distracted Driving Solution Hits Market After 17 Years in Making

Link to article in Wireless Week:


19) Cross Country Provides Drivers Critical Info

Link to article in Highlands Today:


20) DC Metro Seeks to Ease Congestion on Busy Bus Routes, Saving Time and Millions

Transit agency uses GPS data to identify slow zones for buses.

Link to article in The Washington Post:

21) KSRTC to Introduce ITS for Mysore Public Transport

Link to Sify article:

22) Shield for Metro Near Chennai Airport to Prevent Interference with Radar Signals

Link to article in The Times of India:


23) Wisconsin Company has Eye on Traffic so You Can Avoid Jams Ahead

Link to article in the Wisconsin State Journal:

Number of BlueTOAD Devices in Wisconsin is Growing

24) Driven to Distraction by Twits' Signs

Motorists groups say message signs advertising traffic information on Twitter are a safety risk.

Link to article in The Scotsman:

25) Idaho 511 Expands to Include Bus Schedules

Link to video report on KBOI-TV:

26) Clearwater, Florida Earns Patent for Device to Control Traffic Remotely

Link to article in the St. Petersburg Times:

27) ViaMichelin Launches Free iPhone Traffic App

Link to article in Tyres & Accessories:


28) Subaru Outback to Double as Wi-Fi Hot Spot

Link to CNET blog:

News Releases

1) TrafficLand Adding Caltrans Los Angeles and Orange County Traffic Cameras to Its National Network

2) Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority to Implement More Technology-Based Improvements

3) California's MTC Invites Bay Area Residents to Shape Strategy for Expanding Public Involvement

Upcoming Events

2010 ITS Tri-Chapter Information Exchange Summit – August 18-19 – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Today in Transportation History

1985 **25th anniversary** US Vice President George H.W. Bush announced that Christa McAuliffe would become the first teacher, and the first private citizen, in fly in space.


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