Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Thursday, August 26, 2010 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) American Airlines Flight is First to Use New Route System at Heart of Air Traffic Control Overhaul

Link to article in The Dallas Morning News:!finance/amr/stories/0827140dnbus_air_traffic.8fcac3af.html

Link to news release from General Electric:

2) Be Cautious of Internet Access at Airports

Link to CNET News article:

3) Google Voice Telephone Booth Coming to an Airport or College Near You

Link to blog on Mashable:


4) Shall Nav Industry (Still) Fear Google Maps Navigation?

Link to article on GPS Business News:


5) Yellow Cab Chicago to Stop Running Anti-Islam Ads

Link to article on Chicago Breaking News:


6) English Councils Urged to Remove Unnecessary Street Signs

Link to BBC News story and video:

7) Malaysia Highway Concessionaire Looking to Set Up More VMS for Motorists

Link to article in The Star:


8) Should There Be a Safer a Safer Way to Text and Drive?

Link to story and audio report on The Takeaway:


9) Orange Tape Used to Distinguish Boston T Radios from Cell Phones

Link to article in The Boston Globe:

10) New York City Subway Goes Wireless

Link to blog in Mass Transit:


11) Springfield, Missouri Traffic Alerts to Get Tech Boost

Link to article in the News-Leader:

12) Radio Traffic is Useless in Many Cities

Link to blog from Kent Sterling:


13) Car Data as the Next Platform for Innovation

Link to article on GigaOM:

14) Ford Turns to Wi-Fi for Car Assembly

Link to video report on MarketWatch:

Link to news release from Ford:

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Today in Transportation History

1930 **80th anniversary** A US patent for the first television system was received by Philo Farnsworth.

1960 **50th anniversary** The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority released a report with the first reference to a 'Metro System' for the Los Angeles area.


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