Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

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Friday, April 8, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057

GEWI News: AGORA-C, Build vs. Buy, and more – Are you subscribed?

Six times annually, GEWI issues a FREE newsletter for North America, Europe, Asia, and Worldwide. These newsletters provide updates on market and product technologies, customer projects and ideas being used by traffic professionals worldwide. In the edition being released next week you can read about AGORA-C, an exciting location referencing method being used in next generation of navigation devices. “Build vs. Buy” is a decision that is faced by companies all over the world. This edition of GEWI’s newsletter will take a look at key components in this decision. It will also profile a new traffic service in Indonesia, and more.

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1) AirTran Fined for Failing to Display Flight Delay Data

Link to article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

2) How Southwest Airlines Makes Sure Every Employee Hears Its Message

Link to SmartBlog on Leadership:


3) Eyes in the Sky

Newspaper says privacy concerns over roadway cameras are an overreaction by ACLU.

Link to editorial in the Burlington County Times:


4) US Government Shutdown

At press-time, the federal government was facing the possibility of a shutdown. Here's information on how several government agencies involved with transportation and communications are planning to handle a shutdown.

- AASHTO Journal Summary

- US Department of Transportation

- Federal Communications Commission


5) California DMV's Failure to Communicate is Appalling

Newspaper criticizes information provided about closing of office in Napa.

Link to editorial in the Napa Valley Register:


6) US to Use Facebook, Twitter to Issue Terror Alerts

Link to AP article:


7) Budapest Public Transit Agency to Implement Passenger Information System

Link to article on Spanish Railway News:

8) £590,000 Plan for Real-time Bus Information Approved for Cambridge, England

Link to article in Cambridge News:


9) Pennsylvania DOT Expands Traffic Camera Network

Link to story and video on WPMT-TV:,0,2146016.story

10) Canadian Study Shows Importance of Traffic Reports

Link to article on All Access:

11) Gainesville, Florida Introduces Website with Real-Time Traffic Updates

Link to article in the Alligator:

Link to site:


12) Ford, GM, Tech Firms Driving to 'Smart' Car Era

Link to article in Investor's Business Daily:

News Releases

1) Honeywell Teams with Boeing to Develop New System to Secure Airports, Other Facilities

2) Yokohama Tire Corporation Wins Silver ADDY Award fro iPad App

3) Real-Time Train Info Integrated with Display Monitors at Massachusetts Stations

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Webinar: International Cooperation on ITS: The Viajeo Project and Beyond – April 19

Friday Bonus

One reason carpooling may not be popular with some people.

Today in Transportation History

1911 **100th anniversary** Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, a Dutch physicist, discovered superconductivity.


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