Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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TCN Celebrates 19th Anniversary - A Short History

Yesterday marked 19 years since the first message went out on the transport-communications list. The list was originally hosted by FindMail, which was then bought by eGroups and then was purchased by Yahoo! Groups. Ironically, yesterday also marked the end of Yahoo! as an independent company with its acquisition by Verizon.

I mention this history because June is also the fundraising month for the TCN. Over the years the TCN has dependably brought you news every weekday. I expanded by “media empire” two years ago with the creation of Transportation Radio, which brings you audio interviews with transportation leaders from around the world. My latest, with Virginia Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne, was recorded today and can be found below.

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1) Using Mobile Sensors to Improve Airport IQ


2) Waze for Walkers


3) Profile: Virginia Transportation - Interview with Secretary Aubrey Layne

4) Nebraska’s Switch to ‘Transportation’ Historic, But for Now, Signs Will Still Say ‘Roads’

5) Thinking Highways Interviews


6) Athens, Georgia Committee Raises Concerns Over Logo Colors for Bike, Pedestrian Master Plan Because of College Football Rivals

7) Indian Traffic Cops Promote Safety with Music Videos, Puzzles and Dance


8) Los Angeles DOT and Film Industry Agree to Compromise on Green Bike Lanes

9) Look Inside Maricopa County DOT’s Road Sign Shop


10) TSA Begins Testing Fingerprint Check-Ins at Two US Airports

11) US, Europe Seek Measures to Avert Expanded Airline Laptop Ban


12) IBM to Apply Watson IoT to BMW CarData


13) Communication Challenges for Transit Agencies


14) US Senators Outline Driverless Car Legislation
15) Automakers Want to Test More Self-Driving Cars on US Roads

16) ‘Stealth Mode’ Robotics Firm NextDroid Might Be Developing Self-Driving Cadillac in Pittsburgh

17) DSRC Isn’t the Path Forward for Connected Vehicles

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