Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, July 24, 2017 - Cranford, New Jersey

Reno A&E’s iCITE® Data Aggregator DA-300® Offers Real-Time Traffic & Arterial Data with Cabinet Monitoring

From the Intelligent Cabinet Interface to Traffic Equipment (iCITE®) suite of products, the iCITE® Data Aggregator DA-300® accesses real-time intersection and arterial traffic data from any traffic cabinet, via high-speed internal or external communications devices, regardless of the traffic controller or central ITS system. These devices are also designed to endure temperature extremes and are well suited for solar powered applications. In cooperation with any iCITE Ready™ data analytics partner, the DA-300® can provide turning movement counts, amber/red actuations, arrivals on red, detector failures, preemption details, communications and power failures/alerts, split and interval timing data, travel time and the Purdue Coordination Diagram, based upon Hi Resolution Data, all tailored to provide Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures via a Cloud-based user-friendly interface. Wi-Fi equipped and travel time ready. For more information, visit or kindly contact Matt Zinn, Reno A&E Sales Manager, at   


1) Improving Intelligibility of Airport Terminal Public Address Systems


2) Bikes May Have to Talk to Self-Driving Cars for Safety’s Sake

3) San Diego Confronts Bad Data from Bike-Counting Cameras

4) Spike in Bicycle, Car Crashes Leads to Safety Workshops in Maine


5) North Florida Transportation Planning Organization Looks to Make Jacksonville Region ‘Smart’

6) Seattle Appoints Smart City Coordinator

7) Kansas City Smart City Efforts Could Save Sewers, Smooth Traffic, Fix Potholes Before They Pop

8) Profile of Malaysia’s Sena Traffic Systems


9) Singapore Port Gets $6 Million Rescue Satellite
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore news release

10) Norway Takes Lead in Race to Build Autonomous Cargo Ships


11) Maryland Testing Digital Driver’s Licenses


12) Daimler Wants to Replace the Valet with an Autonomous Parking Garage
Daimler news release


13) Smart Cars to be Tested on I-95 Express Lanes in Virginia

14) Man Gets Virginia Traffic Signal Fixed After Filming Himself Waiting at Red Light for 20 Minutes

15) Combining Queue Warning with Dynamic Late Merge


16) Some Airlines Tell People Leaving Comic-Con They Can’t Check Comics, Which Is Not True


17) Is Technology Making Us Less Courteous on the Road?


18) Waiting for the Bus Is About to Get Less Bad


19) How Illinois Tollway Travel Times Are Calculated

20) Why Do Electronic Traffic Signs Sometimes Show Wrong Info? Here’s Why, and What Might Fix It


21) Tampa Revs Up Connected Vehicle Pilot

22) New Driver-Assist Tech May Be Moving Faster Than Consumers Can Handle

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