Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, November 20, 2017 - Cranford, New Jersey

Reno A&E Bicycle Differentiation System Provides Safe Passage Time through Intersections

The Model C-1101-B and Model C-1201-B inductive loop vehicle detectors offer increased processing that provides the capability of signature recognition enabling the vehicle detector to detect all vehicles with the added ability of differentiating bicycles from all other vehicles including differentiating bicycles from motor-scooters and motorcycles as well. Caltrans or NEMA type models allow traffic engineering professionals to detect and provide safe passage time for bicycles without compromising the intersections operating efficiency.  To learn more about RAE’s Bicycle Differentiation System, contact RAE Sales Manager Matt Zinn at


1) FAA Approves Drone as ‘Cellphone Tower in the Sky’ for Puerto Rico

2) Study Says Airports Can Build Greater Customer Loyalty by Improving Communications

3) Interview: Why In-Flight Entertainment Screens May Persist on Long-Haul Routes


4) Judge Orders New Orleans to Refund Three-Years of Traffic Camera Fines

5) Oklahoma Finalizes Deal to Use License-Plate Scanners to Catch, Fine Uninsured Motorists

6) Wichita to Rethink Candid-Camera Traffic Tickets in Old Town


7) New Public Transit Map Series Launches with London Underground


8) How St. Albert, Alberta Won Global Recognition for Embracing Technology on a Municipal Scale


9) South Korea, Denmark to Test Maritime Cloud Technology

10) Singapore Investigating Drone-Aided Ship Inspections


11) Cary, North Carolina Tests Smart Parking Sensors in Its ‘Living Lab’ City Campus


12) Ex-Kansas DOT Spokeswoman Says Job Loss Seemed to Be Tied to Funding Quote

13) ‘One of the Most Secretive, Dark States’: What Is Kansas Trying to Hide?

14) Instead of Fine, Instructional Film for Bengaluru Traffic Offenders


15) California’s North County Transit District Advances PTC Demo


16) Delhi Government to Install Road Signs on with Public Works Officials’ Contact Information


17) More Th>n: Over Half of Britons in Test Support Car Crash Images Used as Speeding Deterrent


18) Uber Updates Its App to Help You Find Your Driver More Easily


19) New Software Will Allow South Shore Line Riders to Track Their Train

20) New to Austin’s Public Transit System? A CapMetro Employee Will Ride the Bus with You

21) Interview with Bill Carpenter of Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority


22) Rhode Island DOT Teams with Waze to Provide Travel Times on Highway Signs

23) Stockholm Uses BlipTrack to Ease Road Congestion
Blip Systems news release

24) Toronto Partnership with Waze Will Help Drivers Navigate Construction, New Traffic Measures
City of Toronto news release


25) Porsche Tech Live Look Brings AR to Dealerships
Porsche Cars North America news release

26) Uber Steps Up Driverless-Cars Push with Deal for 24,000 Volvos

27) UK Chancellor of the Exchequer  to Promise ‘Bold Reforms’ for Driverless Testing

28) MIT Looks at How Humans Sorta Drive in Sorta Self-Driving Cars

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