Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thursday, February 8, 2018

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Thursday, February 8, 2018 - Cranford, New Jersey

Join our webinar to learn more about the options available under licensing from INRIX, and how it complements the AASHTO TPM PM3 Pooled Fund Study options. These solutions help translate the NPMRDS dataset with tools and additional datasets that simplify PM3 target-setting, tracking, and reporting. We are offering highly cost-effective solutions for meeting near-term deadlines as well as ongoing reporting. The first PM3 performance period is 5 years in length, and these tools will be available and useful from day one through the entire period, only available via INRIX/UMD.


1) Unalaska, Alaska Fliers Stranded After Missed Inspection of FAA Beacon

2) Salt Lake City Airport Won’t Allow Non-Profit Group to Advertise Against Human Trafficking

3) FAA Releases Guidance on Assessing English Proficiency


4) Galway, Ireland Councillor Spearheads Campaign to Make High Vis Compulsory for Pedestrians, Cyclists, Horse-Riders


5) Online Driving Training Keeps Truckers on the Move


6) Highways England Seeks Views on New Procurement Model for Smart Motorways


7) In San Diego, a Lampost Can Tell You Where to Park


8) Proposal Would Fine Railroads That Don’t Use Safety System

9) Virginia Tech Lab Works with Railroads to Make Trains Safer


10) Study: More California Drivers Are Putting Down Their Cellphones


11) Car Technology Sales Skyrocket with Autonomous Driving Dream

12) What's Holding Driverless Cars Back? It's Not Tech. It's People, Says Michigan Governor

13) Elon Musk Still Doesn’t Think LIDAR is Necessary for Fully Driverless Cars

14) Pittsburgh Mayor: 'Pittsburgh Was Already a Decade Ahead' in Developing Autonomous Vehicles

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