Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - Cranford, New Jersey

The USTDA is hosting a business briefing to inform U.S. companies about highway/toll road concession projects opportunities in Brazil. A new round of highway concessions is underway, that will add to Brazil’s already extensive network. This event will inform U.S. businesses in the highway/toll road ITS, back office processing, and safety sectors on Brazil’s development plans for toll-road concession end-cycle technology deployment and upgrades (including a conversion to free-flow tolling), directly from decision makers representing the concessions.  One-on-one meetings between these Brazilian delegates and U.S. companies will be arranged after the briefings; these meetings will provide opportunities for U.S. companies to meet with, and showcase, their highway/tolling ITS and highway safety services, solutions and equipment to the Brazilian delegation.
This event is being organized by Koeppen, Elliott & Associates, Limited (KEA). For more information about how your company can participate, please contact David Elliott at davidelliott@kealtd.com or 757-342-2149.


1) Satellite Links to Optimize European Airspace

2) Preparing for the Big Game in 2018 with the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission

3) DFW Airport - Making of the Brand


4) Providence, Rhode Island School Zone Speeding Tickets Dismissed

5) Baltimore DOT Installing Numerous Cameras to Monitor Trucks 24/7


6) Making Vienna Smarter and More Digitally Connected

7) Ohio State Students Hear About Role of a Smart Campus in a Smart City


8) Airports, Facing Growth of Ride-Hailing Apps, Enhance Parking Technology

9) Western Kentucky University Uses New RFID Vans for Parking Enforcement


10) Paris Launches ‘Shock’ Poster Campaign Against Sexual Harassment on Public Transport

11) Colorado DOT and Lyft Collaboration Aims to Increase Seat Belt Usage


12) Verizon Telematics Rebrands as Verizon Connect

13) Peterson Launches Intelligent Trailer System


14) New Jersey Transit Conductor Suspended After Allegedly Saying ICE Agents Were Aboard Train

15) Billings MET Transit System Looks to Add New Locator App

16) ATRA Pulse - March 2018


17) Self-Driving Cars Continue to Face Little Resistance from Federal Government

18) Uber Trucks Start Shuttling Goods Across Arizona -- By Themselves

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