Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, November 19, 2007 -- ISSN 1529-1057

1) Now There’s No Need to be Spooked by Phantom Jams
Sat nav warnings of road delays ahead can often be out of date. But a new system using mobile phone data promises real-time information.
Link to story in The Sunday Times:

2) Text’s Just the Ticket to Track Buses by Mobile in Scotland
Link to story in Scotland on Sunday:

3) Nav Canada’s Not-so-Simple Task is to Deliver Plane Truth
Civil air navigation service handles nearly a half-million flights a year across the country.
Link to story in The Sunday Herald:

4) Street Smarts?
Motorists trying to navigate Boston's New Age roads find old, whirled ways and try to decipher signs.
Link to story in The Boston Globe:

5) Can’t Remember Where You Parked at the Airport?
New technology at Heathrow Airport will scan vehicles’ license plates upon entry and will guide drivers to cars when they return.
Link to story in The Daily Mail:

6) Head of Greek Privacy Watchdog Resigns Over Police Use of Traffic Cameras to Monitor Protests
Link to AP story:

7) The Paperless Map is the Killer App
Forget media downloads. Cell customers really want GPS and navigation features.
Link to story in BusinessWeek:

8) Google Lets Users Edit Goggle Maps Locations, Wiki-Style
Link to story in Computerworld:

9) Cameras Help Keep Central Florida Holiday Traffic Moving
Link to story and video report on WESH-TV:

10) Marketers Target Fliers Roaming Airports
Link to story in USA Today:

11) I-78 Ice Storm Mess Drives More Change in Pennsylvania
Emergency management operations to be restructured.
Link to story in The Morning Call:,0,6228131.story
Link to news release from the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office:
Link to report:

12) A Map of New I-355? Good Luck
Extension of Chicago area freeway has yet to appear on online maps.
Link to column in the Chicago Tribune:,0,3163475.column?coll=chi_tab01_layout (may require free registration)

13) Scanner Psych
Why the human brain is bad at screening baggage, and how video games might help.
Link to story in The Boston Globe: (may require free registration)

14) Presentations Online from I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Travel Information Forums
“From Data to Travel Information – How to Get There…” and “Bringing Together Airport and Ground Transportation Information Systems”
Link to presentations:

15) New Report: “Fare Policy Regarding Regular and/or Inflation-Related ("Programmed") Price Increases”
Link to report:

News Releases

AirIQ Advances Fleet Telematics Services with Microsoft Virtual Earth
2) Metro Networks Presents “The Top Ten Worst Holiday Traffic Tie-Ups in America”
3) Norway's All-New Rygge Airport to Open with ARINC's Passenger Technology in 2008
4) MapQuest Brings Mobile Turn-by-Turn Navigation Directly to Mobile Handsets for $4.99 a Month

Upcoming Events

ITS Florida Annual Meeting & Training – December 11 – Tampa, Florida

Today in Transportation History
1954 – The first automatic toll machine goes into service at the Union Toll Plaza on the Garden State Parkway.


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