Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, November 26, 2007 -- ISSN 1529-1057

Bernie Wagenblast Voice Services
Want to make your recorded phone messages sound warm and friendly? Do you need a professional-sounding voice for on-board announcements on your transit system?
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1) London Underground to Launch Phone-Swipe Fare-Payment Scheme
Link to story in The Guardian:,,2216917,00.html

2) Boston T to Test Real-Time Alert System
Link to story in The Boston Globe:

3) Did Technology Speed Your Thanksgiving Trek?
Link to column in The Washington Post:

4) Best Sonar Should Help Spot Icebergs
Link to story in the Telegraph:

5) Houston Police Testing Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft
Link to story and video report on KPRC-TV:

6) New York City Taxi Plan is Ear-Raising
Test may allow those with hearing aids to better communicate with cab drivers.
Link to story in the New York Post:

7) New Illinois Hotline Helps You Rat Out Bad Parents for Not Buckling Children
Link to story in the Daily Herald:
Link to more information from Children’s Hospital of Illinois:

8) Voice of the Tube Silenced by London Underground
Link to BBC News story and video report:
Link to original story in the Daily Mail:

9) Washington State-Based Company Tracks What Moves
Link to story in The Seattle Times:
Link to SARS, Inc.:

10) Lahar Siren Upgrade May Include Chimes
Officials considering using the sound of bells when testing warning system.
Link to AP story:

11) The Goodbye to Paper Airline Tickets is Speeding Up
Link to story in The New York Times: (free registration required)

12) US Army’s Black Hawk Now Flies Digital Skies
Link to CNET News story:

13) 16 Signs Now Alert Drivers to Pay Tacoma Narrows Toll
Link to AP story:

14) Safety-Conscious Automakers Push IC System-Level Approach
Link to story in EE Times:;jsessionid=VLHI4ASGQYQXYQSNDLSCKHA?articleID=204201018

15) Are Crosswalk Lights Worth the High Cost?
Link to story in the Arizona Daily Star:

16) Timing is Everything for Traffic Control
Link to story in The Signal:

17) Arizona to Offer Cell Phone Air Quality Alerts
Link to story in the East Valley Tribune:
Link to news release from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality:

18) DART Bus Travel Just Got Easier
Electronic signs at Delaware stops give four lines of info.
Link to story in The News Journal:

19) Waiting on the Bus, but Knowing How Long
New technology keeps Athens, Georgia bus riders up-to-date.
Link to story in The Athens Banner-Herald:

20) New Smart Card Improves Commuting Operating Efficiencies for South African Bus Company
Link to story in Engineering News:

21) Transit Fare Cards: Time for SEPTA to Get Smart
Link to editorial in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

22) Toyota Simulator Aims to Eliminate Traffic Deaths
Link to Reuters story:
Link to news release from Toyota:

23) All Hands on Deck: Securing Overseas Freight
Link to story in Go!:

24) Bus Radio Opens to Kids’ Mixed Reviews in Central Florida
Link to story in the Orlando Sentinel:,0,4853983.story

News Releases

Westwood One to Provide Interactive Traffic Information to Citadel Broadcasting
2) ITS America’s Public Safety Advisory Group Elects New Leadership
3) Toyota Demonstrates ITS-Based Safety Technology
4) Washington-Hosted Seminar on Kazakhstan’s Transport Infrastructure and Communications

- Invitation to Negotiate – Implementation of a Probe-Based Data Collection Concept Test – Florida Department of Transportation

Upcoming Events
Universities’ Transport Studies Group 40th Annual Conference – January 3-5 – Southampton, UK

Today in Transportation History
1927 **80th anniversary** - Ford announced the Model A. It replaced the Model T which was introduced in 1908.


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