Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 -- ISSN 1529-1057



1) FAA Self-Reporting Program Aims to Gauge Controller Errors
Link to story in the Star-Telegram:
Link to Air Traffic Safety Action Program site:

2) Research and Technology Park Set for FAA Tech Center
Link to story on
Link to further information from the Federal Aviation Administration:

3) High-Tech Travel: Paperless Boarding
Link to story on Fox News Channel:
Link to further information from the Transportation Security Administration:


4) Google Maps Novel is a Real Page Turner
German book combines text with an embedded map mash-up from Google Maps.
Link to story in The Inquirer:
Link to Senghor on the Rocks: (in German)


5) E-ZPass to be in Use by End of Year on Rhode Island Bridge
Link to AP story:


6) US Navy Releases Plan to Integrate Maritime Systems
Blueprint shows how federal, state and municipal agencies can share maritime information that affect transportation and other areas.
Link to story on NextGov:
Link to further information from the US Navy:


7) God Once Again Welcome on Indiana License Plates
Link to story in The Indianapolis Star:


8) Near Collision Cover-Up
TV station says Amtrak and Tri-Rail trains nearly collided.
Link to story and video report on WFOR-TV:


9) San Francisco Considers Congestion Tolls on Cars
Link to story in the San Francisco Chronicle:

10) Private Billboards to Flash Advisories, Alerts in Georgia
Link to story in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Link to news release from the Georgia Lieutenant Governor’s Office:,2668,2199618_2199664_127906671,00.html


11) Interoperable Identity Credentials for the Air Transport Industry
Link to story in Smart Card Talk:


12) Holiday Travelers Under Watchful Eyes of Maryland Transportation Authority’s Operations Center
Link to story in The Baltimore Sun:,0,5475147.story

13) An Unexpected Frequency
Young broadcaster provides traffic updates to Washington, DC drivers.
Link to story in the Springfield Connection:


14) The Thinking Car Sees a Clear Road Ahead
Link to story in EE Times Deutschland:

News Releases
Enhanced Traveler Information Services Coming to Pennsylvania

Upcoming Events
ITS America Annual Meeting and Exposition – June 1-3 – National Harbor, Maryland

Today in Transportation History
1778 **230th anniversary** - James Cook became the first European to visit the Hawaiian island of Maui.

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Friday, December 5, 2008: New Translation Discovered.
Do You Speak EEL?: Translating FAA Bobby Sturgell - PART III
Exiting FAA Acting Administrator Bobby Sturgell: “You’ll notice I’m throwing lots of new runways, equipment, money, acronyms, programs, kudos, and concocted study “results” at communities right before I get chucked out of office. That’s on purpose. Those are called ‘bribes’. They are intended to buy the silence and cooperation of those that receive them. Others, I’ll abuse. For fun, I once again will try to blame Air Traffic Controllers, pilots, Congress, co-workers, community residents, and even my economic co-conspirators the airlines on my way out the door, for all of my own failures. The remaining other folks, well, I’ll just tell FAA ‘Safety Officer’ Nick Sabatini to intimidate. My best strategy is comprised of the bribes, though. This provides me job security in the private sector for years to come, and might make everybody forget those 3,500-and-climbing aviation fatalities that occurred on my FAA watch”.