Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, September 7, 2009 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) Victoria Police Trial High-Tech License Plate-Scanning Cameras

Link to story in The Sydney Morning Herald:


2) Mayo One: Advanced GPS Technology Helps Helicopters Fly in Bad Weather

Link to story and video on WKBT-TV:


3) Marketing Maryland Maritime

Link to article in The Capital:


4) The Voice of Washington Traffic

A profile of traffic reporter Lisa Baden.

Link to article in The Examiner:


5) Keep Left

Samoa becomes first in decades to switch roadway driving sides. Signs and roadway markings are changed.

Link to article in the Samoa Observer:


6) Untangling the Challenges of the Connected Car

Link to article in Automotive DesignLine Europe:

7) ‘Telematics are Not a Universal Panacea’

As Germany works to modernize its road network, the transport minister explains the benefits of transport technologies, but says they are not the only solution.

Link to article in Public Service Review:


8) Traffic Watching: 46 Screens Keep Bay County, Florida Engineers in the Loop

Link to article in The News Herald:

9) Traffic Jams Good for One Company

China TransInfo has just launched multi-city, real-time traffic information services based mainly upon GPS sensors installed in cars and along roadsides.

Link to article in China Daily:

Upcoming Events

Webchat: Chet Huber and Walt Dorfstatter Discuss the Future of OnStar – September 8

Today in Transportation History

1909 **100th anniversary** - Eugène Lefebvre became the first person piloting an airplane to die in a crash. The crash took place in Juvisy, France.


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