Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 – ISSN 1529-1057

TIC3 From GEWI - It's A Whole New Ballgame!  See why at ITS America in Houston.

TIC3 from GEWI is the latest generation of the globally popular traffic data processing software. TIC3 is a whole new approach to collecting, storing, creating, monitoring, viewing and distributing traffic (and other) data.  TIC3's revolutionary new architecture allows for quick and easy configuration for any data type and data format.  With new technologies being created for generating traffic data including Bluetooth, GPS, camera-generated speed data, RFID and more, it's critical that your system can accept these new data types.  TIC is a highly configurable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software platform proven in over 125 commercial and government projects operating worldwide.  COTS means TIC can be deployed more quickly and affordably than build-your-own solutions.   Visit GEWI in Houston in booth #333 ITS America, online at www.gewi.com, or to discuss your requirements, contact jim.oneill@gewi.com.


1) Setbacks in the Air Add to Lure of Virtual Meetings
Link to article in The New York Times:


2) Cameras at Railroad Crossings Could Improve Safety, Louisiana House Committee Says
Link to article in The Times-Picayune:


3) Google Maps Gets 3-D View of the World
Link to column on CNET News:


4) UK Dispatches First Galileo Flight Payload
Link to BBC News story:

5) TomTom Unveils New PND and More Affordable Real-Time Services
Link to article in GPS Business News:


6) Report on March 18 EU Urban ITS Workshop
Link to article from ERTICO:

7) ITS Spain Presents the ECOVIA Plan
Link to article from ERTICO:


8) Kansas DOT Unveils Anti-texting Posters
Link to article in The Wichita Eagle:


9) US Railroads, Customers in Dispute Over Economic Benefits of Safety Upgrades
Link to Dow Jones Newswires article:


10) In Toronto Social Web Ensures Traffic Moves Along Safely for Law Enforcement
Link to blog in The Huffington Post:


11) Do-It-Yourself Maps of Real-Time Information
Link to blog on Human Transit:


12) Intelligent Transport System to Ease Traffic Flow in Vietnam Hub
Link to article in Thanh Nien:

13) Northeast Ohio Getting Stimulus-Funded Traffic Information Cameras
Link to story and video on WKYC-TV:


14) US House, Senate Chairmen to Introduce Auto Safety Reforms
Bills will require all automakers to install anti-runaway technology -- brake override systems, stop-start technology and event data recorders.
Link to article in The Detroit News:

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Urban and Regional Public Transportation Conference – May 5 - Cincinnati

Today in Transportation History    
1960 **50th anniversary** The USS Tullibee, the world’s first quiet nuclear-powered submarine with turbo electric drive, was launched.

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