Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Friday, September 3, 2010 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) Smartphone Guide to Put Dublin on the Map

Link to article in The Irish Times:


2) The Smart Growth Set

How 32-year-old Google veteran David Alpert -- and his band of bloggers -- are shaping 21st Century Washington, DC.

Link to article in the Washington City Paper:

3) In a Crash? Don't Panic

A review of an app which includes an accident assistance tool as well as parking, public transit and live traffic information for Singapore.

Link to article in Today:


4) Brutal Video Aimed at Saving Lives in Construction Zones

Link to article in The Vancouver Sun:

Link to further information and video:

5) Nevada DMV to Warn Motorists About Pet Laws

Link to AP article:


6) New Device Installed on Indian Trains to Prevent Accidents

Link to article in The Times of India:


7) I-81 Session May Mull Transportation, Bring Six States Together

Link to article in The Roanoke Times:


8) Augmented Reality Coming to DC Bus Stops Today

Link to blog on ReadWriteWeb:

9) Los Angeles Transit Officials Release Free iPhone App

Link to article in the Los Angeles Times:


10) Traffic Center to be Indonesian Government's Eyes and Ears for Idul Fitri

Link to article in the Jakarta Globe:

11) Monterey Bay-Area 511 Traffic System Moves Forward

Link to article in The Californian:

Link to further information:

12) Early in the Morning

Local TV stations across the US are embracing the 4:30 am newscast with traffic updates a part of the package.

Link to article in the American Journalism Review:

13) BBC to Revamp Travel News Site with Added Mapping

Link to article on

Link to further information from the BBC:

14) How Technology Can Help Beat Traffic Woes

Link to article on Rediff:

15) Why We Can't Hear Highway Radio Alerts

Link to column in The Record:


16) Taking Over a Car

Researchers 'break in' with software and a laptop.

Link to article in Technology Review:

17) In-Vehicle Internet Grows Slow and Steady

Link to blog in EE Times:

News Releases

1) US Surface Transportation Board to Include a 'Plain Language' Summary with Board Decisions

Friday Bonuses

Some interchange designs you may have run into during your travels.

When I'm not involved with transportation communication, I'm doing transportation mastication.

Upcoming Events

Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council Meeting – September 22-23 – New York

Today in Transportation History

1945 **65th anniversary** In a ceremony onboard the USS Missouri, Japan surrenders to end World War II.


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