Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, September 13, 2010 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) FAA Academy in Oklahoma City is Training Air Traffic Controllers on New Technology

Link to article in The Oklahoman:

2) Navigating Chaos: Aviation's Response on 9/11 Discussed at University of Texas at Dallas

Link to article on Pegasus News:

3) Airport Carpets: Don't be Floored by Blogger's Area of Interest

Link to article in the Los Angeles Times:


4) GPS? Mapquest? Not for Fans of Hand-Drawn Maps

Link to Reuters article:


5) Japan Launches First GPS Satellite

Link to story and video on Sky News:

6) New iPhone App Enables GPS Fleet Tracking on the Go

Link to article in GPS World:

7) GPS Technology Helps to Predict Hurricane Formation

Link to article in The Exponent:


8) FCC Likely to Open New Airwaves to Wireless

Link to article in The New York Times:


9) Pedestrian Death Rise in New South Wales Blamed on iPods

Link to article in The Sydney Morning Herald:

10) Minnesota DOT Aims to Make Crossing Streets Safer

Link to article in the Star Tribune:


11) Mapping Traffic's Toll on Wildlife

Link to article in The New York Times:


12) US Department of Homeland Security to Test Iris Scanners

Link to article in USA Today:

13) Communication Among Public Safety Agencies Like Talking Into a Brick

Link to article on Nextgov:


14) NJ Transit Officials Announce New 'My Bus' System

Five digit number to be assigned to each bus stop for riders to get info via SMS and cell phones.

Link to story on WMGM-TV:

Link to news release from NJ Transit:


15) New South Wales Gets Live Traffic Maps in $3 Million Upgrade

Link to article on ZDNet:

Link to site:

16) The Rise of Online Traffic Monitoring

Link to article on Road Traffic Technology:

17) Voice of Vietnam Traffic Information Channel Popular with Listeners

Link to VOV News story:

18) New Age of Traffic Control

Texas initiative is aimed at improving the traffic management coordination among multiple agencies.

Link to article in The Eagle:

19) Blind Traffic Reporter Tommy Edison Opens Eyes to Highway Trouble in Connecticut

Link to story and video on WTNH-TV:

20) Could Smart Transport Beat Beijing's Jams?

Link to article on FutureGov:

21) Garmin Live Traffic in South Africa Reviewed

Link to review on MyBroadband:

22) STV Launches Network of Local Web Sites, Which Included Traffic Updates, in Scotland

Link to story and video on STV:


23) The Wheel: From Mobility to Connectivity

Link to blog on Grush Hour:

News Releases

1) Mobile Devices Launches the First Open OS Based OBDII Dongle + Display Unit for the Vehicle Insurance Industry

2) Auto App Mart Launches as the Largest Online Marketplace for Automotive Applications

3) New Auto Safety Technology and Innovation Help Produce Historic Low for Highway Fatalities - Even as Driving Increases

4) Port of Hood River and Kapsch TrafficCom Introduce First Tolling System Deployment Based on 5.9 GHz DSRC WAVE in US

5) Trimble Launches Global Safety Initiative to Help Fleets Become Safer, More Efficient and Greener

6) Amtrak Joins Federal Railroad Administration 'Close Call' Pilot Program

7) TransitCenter Announces Its Participation in the New York/New Jersey Transit Trial

Upcoming Events

19th National Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation Conference – October 24-27 – Burlington, Vermont

Today in Transportation History

1935 **75th anniversary** Howard Hughes set a world speed record of 352 mph (566 kph) in the H-1 racer.


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