Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, January 24, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) Loss of Contract Weather Observers Worries Alaska Pilots

Link to article in the Anchorage Daily News:

2) Eye in the Sky: Pentagon Tests New Spy Plane

Unmanned aircraft could also serve as a communications platform.

Link to story and video on ABC News:

3) Need an Airline Ticket? Meta-search is Where Most Travelers Start

Link to Tribune Media Services article:


4) CCTV-Based Surveillance System to Monitor Major Gujarat Cities

Link to PTI article:


5) Groups Urge Freer Access to California GIS Map Info

Link to article in Government Security News:


6) Audi Introduces Internet-Based Nav

Link to article on CNET:

Link to news release from Inrix:

7) GPS Testing Might Affect Pilots in Southeastern US

Link to article in The Augusta Chronicle:


8) Iran Bars Tehran Mayor from US Transport Ceremony

Link to Reuters article:

Link to additional information from the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy:

9) News from ERTICO

- HeERO Triggers the Final Countdown for eCall Deployment

- Interview with Ronald Adams, Chairman of EasyWay Project 2011

- P3ITS Does the Spadework on Pre-commercial Procurement Legal Questions for the ITS Community

10) Intelligent Cities

The evolving, deep-rooted connections between technology and ever expanding cities, including transportation.

Link to articles and video in Time:,28757,2026474,00.html

11) Strategic Approaches to Developing a Social Networking Page

Link to further information from the Transportation Research Board:

12) US DOT's ITS Joint Program Office Debuts Redesigned Web Site

Link to site:

13) Opportunity to Provide Feedback to the US DOT ITS Professional Capacity Building Program

Link to further information from the Research and Innovative Technology Administration:


14) Huge Parking Fines Inspired Parking Watch App

Link to Reuters article:

Link to additional information from ParkPatrol:


15) Two States Take Aim at Distracted Pedestrians Who are Texting, Listening to iPods on Street

Link to CP article:

16) Crossing Solutions at Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes for Pedestrians with Vision Disabilities

Link to report from the Transportation Research Board:


17) Washington State Bill Seeks to Increase Driver Awareness of Bikes, Walkers

Link to article in The News Tribune:


18) Putting Numbers to Drivers' Misery

Link to article in The Washington Post:

19) New Jersey Mayor Criticizes State DOT Communications on Rush Hour Bridge Reopening

Link to column and video in the Daily Record:

20) Re:Streets Web Site Available

Project plans to create manual for designing streets to accommodate people of all ages and abilities and to serve a wide range of purposes.

Link to site:


21) Man Who Refused to Show ID to TSA at Airport Acquitted

Link to AP article:

22) Privacy Issues Hover Over Police Drone Use

Link to article in The Washington Post:


23) Telematics Takes Off

Smart phone technology pushes providers to offer new services.

Link to article in Automotive News:


24) Customer Service the Focus of GO Transit's High-Tech Control Center

Link to article in the Toronto Star:

25) Cutting-Edge GPS Bus Tracking System Comes to Syracuse's Connective Corridor

Link to article on Inside SU:

26) Using GIS for Measuring Transit Stop Accessibility Considering Actual Pedestrian Road Network

Link to article in the Journal of Public Transportation:


27) Making Life Easier on the Fast Lane

A look at operations on the North Luzon Expressway.

Link to article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

News Releases

1) US Department of Transportation Announces Connected Vehicle Technology Challenge

2) Victoria Regional Transit System Launches Google Transit Pilot

3) TrafficCast Releases BlueTOAD/Connect for Direct Installation in Traffic Signal Cabinets

4) TomTom Makes the Largest Historic Traffic Database in the World Available for Governments and Enterprises via Its Online Web Portal

5) New Research Identifies Trucking Safety Compliance Alternatives

6) New Zurich Fleet Intelligence Uses Telematics Data to Reduce Fleet Operating Costs and Improve Driver Safety

7) Asia Leads in ITS Deployment


- Request for Proposals/Qualifications – Community-Based Outreach and Involvement for the 2013 Sustainable Communities Strategy/Regional Transportation Plan – Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Upcoming Events

i-Mobility Network Webinar: Cooperation Needs on Field Operational Tests – February 3

Today in Transportation History

1961 **50th anniversary** A B-52 Stratofortress, carrying two hydrogen bombs, broke up in flight over Musgrave's Crossroads, North Carolina.


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