Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, January 31, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) Hologram Welcomes Manchester Airport Passengers

Link to BBC News story and video:

2) Money at Center of American Airlines' Battle with Online Ticket Sellers

Link to article in the Chicago Tribune:,0,6952497.story


3) Victoria Police Minister Vows to Lift Secrecy on Speed Camera Network

Link to article in the Herald Sun:

4) Costa Rica Traffic Cameras May be Used to Control Bus Schedules

Link to article on Insidecostarica:

5) New Speed Camera System on London Road is 'UK First'

Link to BBC News story:

Link to news release from Transport for London:


6) Liquid Radio

America's navy is developing an antenna made of seawater.

Link to article in The Economist:


7) TV in Ohio DOT Headquarters Cafeteria Changed from CNN to Fox News Under New Administration

Link to column in the Plain Dealer: (scroll down for story)


8) Click to Share a Ride and Toll on 520 Bridge in Washington State

Link to article in The Seattle Times:

9) Lack of Traffic Signs Causing Accidents in Islamabad

Link to Associated Press of Pakistan article:

10) Firm to Catalog Billboards Throughout Illinois

Link to article in The State Journal-Register:


11) US Eyeing a Global 'Trusted Shipper' Program

Link to AP article:

12) Twitter, Facebook are Part of New US Terror Alert System

Link to article in Federal Computer Week:

Link to National Terrorism Advisory System Twitter page:

13) NTSB: Accidents Show Need for New Safety Culture Perspective

Link to article in Metro:

14) Most North Carolina Texting Tickets Given to Drivers Over 25

Link to AP article:


15) Articles on CNET UK's Crave

- GPS Telematics Boxes Provide Cheaper Insurance for Young Drivers

- DriveCam In-Car Surveillance Cameras Spy on Reckless Teenage Drivers

- Mini Coyote V2 Helps You Avoid Speeding Fines

16) Telematics May Soon be Coming to Your Farm

Link to article in Farm & Ranch Guide:


17) Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Apologizes for Storm Glitches on T

Problems with agency's Web site caused communication delays.

Link to AP article:

18) Toronto Transit Commission to Passengers: Don't Snap Pictures of Texting Drivers

Link to article in the Toronto Star:

19) Reliability of FTA's Rail Accident Database

Link to report from the US Government Accountability Office:


20) NICTA and New South Wales RTA Road Test Innovative Traffic Incident Management System

Link to article on ZDNet Australia

Link to news release from NICTA:

21) Planners' Vision for Traffic During Super Bowl Week: Avoid Dreaded Delay Penalty

Link to article in The Dallas Morning News:

22) 1330 Travel Information Call Service Still Soaring in Popularity in South Korea

Link to article in The Korea Herald:

23) Columbia County, Georgia Drivers to Get Up-to-the-Minute Traffic Information

Link to story and video on WJBF-TV:


24) BMW Cars Get Real-Time Traffic Information

Link to article on autoevolution:

25) iCar App Turns an iPhone Into a Car Accident Black Box

Link to article on Gizmag:

News Releases

1) Passenger Tracking by SITA and Bluelon to Revolutionize Services at Airports

2) OnStar Signs More than 1,600 Retail Locations

3) Follow Overland Park, Kansas Snow Crews Progress Live

4) Metropolitan Transportation Commission Seeks Community-Based Organizations to Assist with Outreach

Upcoming Events

Webinar: 'We're Not in Kansas Anymore' – How Opticom Central Management Software has Revolutionized Traffic Signal Priority Control for Olathe, Kansas – February 1 (scroll down)

Today in Transportation History

1961 **50th anniversary** Ham, a chimpanzee, was launched into space on a Project Mercury mission. During the sub-orbital flight he performed simple, timed tasks.,9171,872134,00.html


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