Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 – ISSN 1529-1057

Slow down! HERE introduces Traffic Safety Warning Alerts

HERE introduces traffic jam alerts to inform drivers when they are approaching a tail end of a jam.  By receiving these timely alerts, drivers can begin to reduce their speed and avoid an accident. The warnings could manifest in several ways, such as a warning light on the dashboard or an audible alert so that the driver can react in time.  They can also be used by transportation agencies to monitor jams and alert travelers. Semi-autonomous and future fully-autonomous vehicles can ingest this dynamic data to provide a safe and smooth ride.

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1) United Airlines CEO, Two Top Communications Execs Step Down After Federal Corruption Investigation
Link to article in The New York Times:
Link to news release

2) Mobile Fingerprint Terminals to Speed Up Immigration Process at Japanese Airports
Link to Kyodo article:

3) Three Strategies for Keeping Customer Wi-Fi Humming at Peak Performance
Link to article in Airport Improvement:

4) The Technology of Making Airports More Efficient with Indoor Sensors
Link to blog on Move Forward:


5) Crowdsourced SeeLight App Makes Crosswalks Safer for the Blind
Link to article in Fast Company:

6) Delhi Makes GPS Mandatory on Bike Hired for Rent
Link to PTI article:


7) How San Francisco Got Its New Rider-Friendly Transit Map
Link to blog on City Lab:


8) Washington State DOT Dismisses 125,000 Toll Violations
Link to article in The Seattle Times:


9) Galileo 9 and 10 Ready for Launch this Week
Link to article in GPS World:


10) For Security of Ports, State of Gujarat Plans CCTV Cover, Control Center at Gandhinagar
Link to article in The Indian Express:

11) Smart Ports
Link to article in Port Strategy:

12) SUNRISE Project Looks to Build the Internet of Underwater Things
Link to article on ZDNet:

13) Report: Technology Trends Will Transform Our Interactions by 2030
Link to article on IHS Maritime 360:
Link to news release


14) University of Michigan to Launch $100 Million Big Data Project
Link to article in the Detroit Free Press:
Link to news release

15) Project Istanbul: Building a City Without Open Data
Link to blog on Medium:

16) Listening to Radio During SoCal's Traffic Jams (Los Angeles Metro)
Link to presentation from the Southern California Broadcasters Association:


17) Chimes on Metra Trains Remind Crews to Slow Down
Link to article in the Chicago Tribune:

18) PTC Deadline May Exempt Railroads From Freight Obligations
Link to Reuters article:


19) Train Rider's Tweets Let SEPTA Police Arrest Suspected Drug User in Minutes
Link to story on CBS Philly:

20) FirstNet Creates Dedicated Wireless Broadband Network for First Responders During Rock Concerts in Atlantic City, New Jersey
Link to article in GCN:


21) The Voices You Hear on the Subway Are Real
Link to video from ScIQ:


22) Seattle Installs New System to Track Vehicles Via Bluetooth
Link to article on Crosscut:


23) EU 'Still a Long Way Off' on Autonomous Vehicle Legislation
Link to article in ITS International:

24) Survey Shows Big Gaps in Knowledge About Auto Safety Tech
Link to AP article:

25) Researcher Hacks Self-Driving Car Sensors
Link to article in IEEE Spectrum:

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