Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016 – Cranford, New Jersey

Wednesday, September 7th
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Learn how INRIX partner, StreetLight Data, helps cities become Smart Cities by giving planners and development professionals the tools they need to strengthen existing models and observe impacts of policy decisions without requiring costly and time-intensive surveys. Billions of trips, with high spatial precision, allow StreetLight InSight® to answer important questions such as: 
  • What are the origins and destinations of travelers on this road segment? How does that differ from peak to off-peak times of the day?
  • How do average commute times differ between cities or regions and what does the data today indicate about the future
  • How can I understand the impacts of congestion and target programs to bust congestion (then monitor how they’re doing)?
  • How can we design and implement smart tolling and signaling programs, and make sure they're effective?


1) Why Airports Can't Stop False Alarms
Link to Slate article


2) Discussions Underway for CCTV to Link Schools, Transport Center in Jamaica
Link to Jamaica Observer article

3) Computer Error Erases Over 2,200 Seattle Police Dashcam Videos
Link to KATU-TV story
Link to news release


4) VRE's Map Keeps Getting More Diagrammatic
Link to Greater Greater Washington blog


5) Georgia May Give Drivers Credits for Not Using Toll Express Lanes
Link to Atlanta Journal-Constitution article

6) Bulgaria Relaunches 120 Million Euro E-Toll Collection System Tender
Link to SeeNews article
Link to news release (in Bulgarian)


7) Centimeter-Level GPS Positioning for Cars
Link to IEEE Spectrum article


8) USDOT Releases New ITS Publications
Link to further information


9) Thai Ports to be Outfitted with Monitoring Equipment to Tackle Illegal Fishing
Link to Thai Visa News article

10) Maritime Professionals from Africa and Asia Improve Maritime Domain Awareness Skills
Link to Volpe News article


11) Ford, MIT Use Bostonians' Cellphone Location Data for Traffic Planning
Link to Computerworld article
Link to MIT news release

12) Investigating Wearable Sensors in Transportation Research
Link to Volpe News article


13) Indianapolis Transit Advocates Launch Info Blitz
Link to Indianapolis Star article


14) BNSF Railway Tests Skies for the Drone Age
Link to Bloomberg article


15) South Korea to Build Network of Smart Expressways by 2020
Link to Korea Times article
Link to news release (in Korean)

16) Core of Texas Highway Sign Ban Tossed by Appeals Court
Link to Houston Chronicle article


17) BART Works with LAN Inc. to Deliver Two-Pronged Intrusion Detection System
Link to Progressive Railroading article


18) 'Smart Signals' Could Improve University of Georgia Football Gameday Traffic Next Year
Link to Athens Banner-Herald article


19) London Tube Launches 'Please Offer Me a Seat' Badges for Hidden Disabilities
Link to Sun article
Link to news release

20) Trends in Mobile Transit Information Utilization: An Exploratory Analysis of Transit App in New York City
Link to Journal of Public Transportation article

21) Read Free E-Books Times to Your Subway Commute Through New York MTA Promotion
Link to amNew York article
Link to news release


22) 1,200 People Volunteer to Help Manage Traffic in Mumbai
Link to DNA article


23) Uber, Alphabet Autonomous Car Rivalry Heats Up
Link to IDG News Service article

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 -  Traffic Management Center Manager – Gannett Fleming – Chipley, Florida

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