Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Friday, September 21, 2007 -- ISSN 1529-1057

New Book Driving Questions – Developing a National Transportation Vision by Northeastern University Professor of Strategy, Joseph M. Giglio, Ph.D.
The book outlines the current status of the nation's surface transportation system, what a long-range vision of the system might look like and what we should do to turn strategy into reality. The author argues that developing a strategy to address the country's future transportation needs starts with analyzing the evolving external environment. To understand the future needs of surface transportation customers, we must begin by identifying and evaluating the economic, demographic, technological and socio-political variables shaping the future. The author focuses on the key unasked and unanswered questions that should be driving our search for a sound vision of the surface transportation system in America. Also, he suggests a series of guiding principles to guide policymakers as they seek answers to these questions.
The book is available through Amazon. For additional information please visit or call 202-974-2400.

1) Washington, DC Metro to Suspend System Providing Bus Arrival Times
Link to story in The Washington Post: (may require free registration)

2) Missouri Tracking Cell Phones for Traffic Flows
After more than a year delay state has begun monitoring cell phone signals as a high-tech way of tracking vehicle speeds and warning motorists of traffic jams.
Link to AP story:
Link to 2005 Missouri DOT news release:

3) Drivers Test Paying by Mile Instead of Gas Tax
Link to story in USA Today:
Link to further information from The University of Iowa Public Policy Center:

4) Ford Moving to Get In Synch
The auto company joins with Microsoft to offer a voice-activated music-selection and text-messaging system.
Link to story in the Los Angeles Times:,1,6724944.story?coll=la-utilities-technology (may require free registration)
Link to additional information from Ford:

5) Sanet: Satellite Toll System More Suitable for Slovakia
Link to story in The Slovak Spectator:

6) Anti-Toll Road Activist Sues Texas Over Ad Campaign
Link to AP story:
Link to news release from the San Antonio Toll Party: (may need to scroll down for release)

7) Technology Will Help Enforce HOT Lane Tolls in Virginia
Link to story in the Potomac News:

8) Google Launches Google China Transit
Link to Google China Transit: (in Chinese)

9) US DOT Congestion Initiative Urban Partnership Agreements
A presentation by Jeffrey F. Paniati at the National Transportation Operations Coalition Summer Meeting.
Link to presentation from the Federal Highway Administration:

Upcoming Events
Expo Rail India 2007 – October 16-18 – New Delhi

Job Postings
- Senior Engineer & Engineering Technician – KMJ Consulting – Haverford, Pennsylvania
- Project Managers – PRR – Seattle, Washington
- Communication and Outreach Manager – 36 Commuting Solutions – Broomfield, Colorado

Friday Bonus
My daughter is getting married in February. Maybe I should look into this in case there’s a blizzard.

Today in Transportation History
1947 **60th anniversary** - The French Grand Prix resumes following a break for World War II.


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