Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Thursday, December 20, 2007 -- ISSN 1529-1057

1) Seattle Bus Tunnel Closed While Computer Glitch is Repaired
Link to story in The Seattle Times:
Link to story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

2) Air France Tests Cell Services in Europe
Link to AP story:
Link to news release and video from Air France:[tt_news]=1921&no_cache=1&tt_news[BackPid]=2

3) Mobile Phone Driving Jail Threat in England and Wales
Link to BBC News story:
Link to news release from the Crown Prosecution Service:

4) Quebec Bans Cell Phone Use While Driving, Will Pilot Red-Light Cameras and Photo Radar
Link to UPI story:

5) Inside Look at General Motor’s OnStar System
Link to story in InformationWeek:

6) Rhode Island Map on a Tight Path
Funding shortfall forces state to sell ads to cover costs.
Link to story in The Providence Journal: (may require free registration)

7) Solving the Spectrum Squeeze
Future of IT: We need new approaches and new technology to make the most of a finite resource.
Link to story in Government Computer News:

8) Second Life as a Simulation Tool
Professor creates software to control a virtual rapid-transit system called SkyTran
Link to story in The Orange County Register: (may require free registration)

9) Mathematicians Develop Model to Solve Traffic Jam Mystery
Link to ANI story:

10) Smart Elevators, Dumb People
Link to story in The New York Times: (may require free registration)

News Releases
Houston TranStar Garners Statewide Service Award - Program Tells Travelers of Drive Times
2) Frost & Sullivan Award Underlines Microsoft’s Outstanding Innovations in Customer Service in the Automotive Sector
3) VICS Rejected as National Standard of China Real-Time Traffic Information Service

Job Posting
- Associate Administrator and Director, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center – US Department of Transportation – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Upcoming Events
Road Expo Ireland & Civilex – March 5-6 – Dublin

Today in Transportation History
1918 – The Canadian Cabinet passes an order creating the government-owned Canadian National Railways.


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