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Monday, December 17, 2007 -- ISSN 1529-1057

1) UK Road Pricing Scheme 'on Verge of Collapse'
Link to story in The Daily Telegraph:

2) Industry, Public See Digital Billboards Differently
Link to story in the Houston Chronicle:

3) New York MTA Rapid Response Plan for Elevators and Escalators
Agency plans to connect over 300 escalators and elevators to a computerized monitoring system.
Link to story in The New York Times:

4) $2.1 Billion New York Statewide Emergency Radio Plan Flunks First Test
Link to story in The Journal News:

5) Next Texas Evacuees Will Face Criminal Checks
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6) Short-Range Radio Looks Set to Challenge Aviation Regulators
Link to story on Inflight Online:

7) Satnav to Put Lorry Drivers on Right Road in UK
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Link to news release from Ordinance Survey:

8) New Personal Rapid Transit System for Heathrow Airport
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9) Growing Rebellion on the High Seas
Passengers reach out via cell phones and the Internet to protest cruise conditions.
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10) Smart Radios Step Into the Spotlight
Link to story in Signal Connections:,b1PdM2cf

11) Britain's Parking Fines Pressure Shoppers
Surveillance cameras monitor cars as they enter private parking lots and log how long they stay. Fines are imposed for those staying too long.
Link to story in USA Today:

12) Heathrow Airport Makes It Easier to Find Your Car
Cameras will monitor cars as they enter garage and then take more photos when they park to help returning travelers locate their vehicles.
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Link to news release from BAA Heathrow:

13) Firm Uses GPS to Help Truckers Prevent Rollovers
Device measures speed by satellite and automatically applies brakes if it senses danger of a rollover.
Link to story in The Boston Globe:

14) Jacksonville, Florida Traffic Management System Being Expanded
Traffic alerts, new cameras coming.
Link to story in the Jacksonville Business Journal:

15) Metro-North Railroad Urges Passengers to Watch Where They Step
Link to story in The Advocate:,0,6545541.story?coll=stam-news-local-headlines

16) Putting Canada on the Map
Father of digitized mapping recounts how a stroke of luck led him to develop the world's first geographic information system.
Link to story in The Globe and Mail:
17) Keeping Pace with Rush Hour
A profile of Chicago traffic reporter, Abby Ryan.
Link to story in the Chicago Sun-Times:,CST-NWS-shotgun17.article

18) Fusing Data to Manage Traffic
Link to article in Eureka:

19) Remote Sensing Technology for Automotive Safety
Link to article in Microwave Journal: (free registration required)

20) December Issue of IEEE ITS Society Newsletter Online
Link to newsletter:

News Releases

ITS Network Germany is Launched
2) Test Site Sweden Appointed as New Beta Integration Site for CVIS Project

Upcoming Events
APTA Marketing & Communications Workshop – February 24-27 – Orlando, Florida

Today in Transportation History
1834 – The Dublin and Kingstown Railway opened in Ireland.


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