Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Thursday, February 14, 2008 -- ISSN 1529-1057


1) Airport Advertising Takes Off
Link to story in The Wall Street Journal:


2) Smile, Pay Fare? Study to Explore Video Toll System for Bay Area Bridges
Link to story in The Oakland Tribune:

3) Work on 3 Electronic Toll Plazas Started in Pakistan
Link to story on Unique Pakistan:


4) Galileo: Star Project or Black Hole?
Link to BBC News story:

5) Mapping Medieval Streets Using GPS
Link to CNET News story:

6) GPS Spreading from Cars to Mobile Phones
Link to AFP story:


7) Online Travel Sees Offline Touch for Cruise
Link to Reuters story:


8) NATSO Launches New Program Focusing on Truck Stop Safety
Link to story in Transport Topics:


9) Digital Billboards Could Cost Texas Taxpayers
Link to commentary in the Houston Chronicle:


10) US Air Security Plans “Unacceptable,’ Says EU
Link to story on EurActiv:

11) Public Safety Gets a High-Tech Boost in Virginia Emergency Hub
Link to story in The Washington Post: (may require free registration)


12) Having Big Brother Watching Can be a Good Thing
Telematics is increasingly popular but does all this technology really get the job done?
Link to CanWest News Service story:


13) South Africa Seeks to Formalize Introduction of Electronic Fare Collection Soon
Link to story in Engineering News:


14) Beijing Traffic Management Center Prepares for Olympics
Link to video on KING-TV:

15) I-78 Debacle: The First Anniversary
One year after an ice storm left drivers in Pennsylvania stranded for hours, a newspaper looks at what’s improved and what still needs work.
Link to story in The Morning Call:,0,5622071.story

16) Get Going on Road Hotline
Newspaper calls for New Mexico to establish 511 service.
Link to editorial in the Mountain View Telegraph:


17) US DOT Seeks Input on Future Operations and Use of Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Testing Facility Near Detroit, Michigan
Link to story in the NTOC Newsletter:
Link to solicitation:

News Releases
FAA’s Chief Operating Officer Describes Runway Safety Strategies

Upcoming Events
Vehicle Dynamics Expo 2008 – May 6-8 – Meese Stuttgart, Germany

Today in Transportation History
1895 – Trolley workers in Brooklyn go on strike. (may require free registration)


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