Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 -- ISSN 1529-1057


1) Federal Aviation Administration Pushing New Aircraft Safety Tool
Agency speeding up the certification process for electronic displays that provide commercial pilots with more detailed runway information.
Link to AP story:

2) Radio Tags Trial for Luggage at Airports
Link to story in the Telegraph:

3) Runway Safety: Progress on Reducing Runway Incursions Impeded by Leadership, Technology, and Other Challenges
Link to testimony by the US Government Accountability Office:


4) US Maritime Security and Safety Information System Being Installed in The Gambia
Link to story from the Foroyaa Newspaper:


5) Kentucky Panel OKs ‘In God We Trust’ License Plate
Link to story in the Lexington Herald-Leader:

6) Naked Venus Poster Banned from the London Tube for Fear of Offending Commuters
Link to story in the Daily Mail:

7) Chrysler Extends Sirius Contract to 2017
Link to story in AutoWeek:
Link to news release from Sirius:

8) February Issue of Florida DOT’s SunGuide Disseminator Online
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9) Human Performance, User Information, Simulation, and Visualization
Link to report from the Transportation Research Board:


10) How Stripping the Streets of Lights and Signs May be a Life Saver
Link to story in The Times:


11) Arizona Legislators Mount Bid to Foil Governor on Photo Radar
Link to Capitol Media Services story:

12) UN World Food Program, Vodafone to Work on Emergency Communication
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Link to news release from the World Food Programme:


13) No Hands, All Ears for Sound in Cars
Link to column in The Wall Street Journal:


14) 'My 511' to Provide Custom Information in San Francisco Bay Area
Link to column in the San Jose Mercury News:

15) Airborne Traffic Reporters Face Uncertain Future
Link to story in the Daily Breeze:


16) Owner of Electronic-Billboard Truck Sues Florida, Sheriff
Link to story in the Orlando Sentinel:,0,4599684.story

News Releases
Navteq Announces Agreement with Telfonica for New Mobile Traffic Product in Europe
2) US DOT Takes Action to Reduce Train Accidents Caused by Human Error - Greater Accountability Placed on Railroad Management and Employees for Safety
3) MTA New York City Transit Enhances Trip Planner - Navteq Map Data and Microsoft Virtual Earth Added to Itinerary Service

Upcoming Events
GNSS Road Technology in the Road Transport Sector – April 2-3 – Amsterdam

Today in Transportation History
1923 **85th anniversary** – Chuck Yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier, is born in Myra, West Virginia.


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