Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, May 19, 2008 -- ISSN 1529-1057

TCN Fundraiser – THANK YOU!

I want to thank all who sent a contribution to the TCN. I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of the TCN’s readers. It certainly proves the TCN is valued as an information source. I expect to include a fundraisinig announcement about every six months as a way to help support the TCN. In some ways I’m modeling this on how many public radio stations in the US raise funds. Like a public radio station, the TCN will continue to be available for free. Unlike a public radio station I promise not to inundate you with fund drives and donation pleas. For those who missed last week’s announcement, you can support the TCN with a contribution through PayPal You can also mail a check or money order to the address below.


1) Roaming In Flight with iPass
iPass partners with likely first in-flight broadband firm over US for what could be a highly affordable fixed monthly service plan.
Link to story in The Washington Post:

2) Qantas Defends Adequacy of Internet Filters at Airport Lounge
Link to story in The Age:


3) Minneapolis OKs Some Green for Red-Light Cameras
City Council approved a $2.6 million agreement offering refunds and expungements to vehicle owners over PhotoCop.
Link to story in the Star Tribune:

4) Los Angeles Red Light Cameras Clicking for Safety or Revenue?
In LA, 80% of photo tickets are for right-turn violations, considered a less pressing safety concern.
Link to story in the Los Angeles Times:


5) Lake Erie Shipwrecks Found…Online
Link to story in the Mansfield News Journal:
Link to site:


6) YouTube Videos Give Commuters a Taste of Other Cities’ Traffic
Link to column in the Los Angeles Times:,1,6724976.column

7) E-Passports Have Solved Problems, but Issues Remain
Link to story on ContactLess News:

8) New York State: Not Everything is Plate Material
Reference to 9/11 not permitted on vanity license plates.
Link to story in the Times Union:


9) Big Dig’s $13.5 Million Ducts Go Unused
Cell phone firms find channels too pricy; US allows attaching cables to tunnel walls.
Link to story in The Boston Globe:

10) North Carolina Prepares to Build Toll Road
Companies demonstrate how they can identify turnpike users, saving on tollbooths, as the state gets ready to build a toll road in the Triangle.
Link to story in The News & Observer:

11) ‘God Bless America’ Message Back on Beaumont, Texas Buses
Link to story in The Beaumont Enterprise:

12) Articles from April Issue of Better Roads
- Winter’s Sign Dangers[showUid]=1089
- New, Low-Cost Web Resources Will Drive Pavement Inventories[showUid]=1092


13) Problems Beset Transportation Worker ID Program
Link to story in USA Today:

14) Staying Safe and Connected are at Odds on Road
Link to story in USA Today:


15) Convergence and Connectivity – the Buzzwords for 2008-2009
Link to story in Telematics Update:


16) UK Bus Operator Offers Free Wi-Fi
Link to story in Computing:

17) King County Metro Adds Web Pages Featuring the 'Art-itecture' of the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel
Link to site:


18) TransAlert Takes to State Roads in New York
Link to story in Buffalo Business First:
Link to news release from New York State DOT:

19) WFLD-TV, Chicago Lets Web Users Track Traffic Helicopter and Watch Continuous Video
Link to more information from WFLD:


20) Best Solution for Traffic Woes? Eliminating the Drivers
Link to Columbia News Service story:

News Releases
ATX Proposes .car Initiative to Facilitate Safe Web Browsing in Vehicles
2) XM Satellite Radio Launches XM NavTraffic Advertising Campaign Targeting Gridlocked Drivers
3) North Carolina DOT Web Site Links Citizens to Transit Systems Statewide
4) Jax Say Hello Unites Mobile Coupons, Traffic Reports and Driving Directions with Free Directory Assistance

Upcoming Events
Snow & Ice Management Association 11th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium – June 18-21 – Buffalo, New York

Today in Transportation History
1991 - Willy T. Ribbs becomes the first African-American to qualify for the Indy 500.

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