Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Friday, May 7, 2010 – ISSN 1529-1057

New TCN Advertising Opportunities

Advertising is the primary means of support for this newsletter, but I never want the TCN to become clogged with ads.  That would take away from your enjoyment of reading it and decrease its effectiveness for advertisers. Since I started accepting ads, I've had a policy of only one ad per issue.  I intend to maintain that rule but at the same time make it make it possible for additional advertisers to reach the 7,000+ TCN readers.  First, if ad space is not sold by the day of publication, you can purchase the space at $75, a 25% savings!  Second, since some have used the TCN to advertise job openings I would like to make more detailed job listings available every day in the TCN.  The cost for these six-line listings would be only $50.  Additional details on the "last minute" ad space are available at the bottom of today's issue.  


1) Euromed Aviation Countries Agree on Establishing Joint Mediterranean Aviation Authorities
Link to article on Global Arab Network:

2) Online Knowledge Management Tool Keeps FAA Inspectors on Same Page
Link to article in Federal Computer Week:


3) California Officials Debate Using Traffic Cameras to Help Close the State Budget Deficit
Link to article in Government Technology:

4) Hawaiian Political Campaigns Getting a Boost from Traffic Cameras
Key Honolulu intersection coveted by sign-wavers for both its traffic and cameras.
Link to story and video on KITV-TV:


5) North Carolina Drivers to Have Options on Tolls
State will be first to collect electronic tolls with transponders and debit accounts from any of the 26 states that use them now.
Read more in The News & Observer:

6) Slovak National Highway Company Admits Problems in the Way Truckers are Charged for Highway Tolls
Link to article in The Slovak Spectator:


7) US Senate's Public Online Information Act Draws Criticism
Link to article on Nextgov:

8) NOAA Satellite Program Aids Oil Spill Response
Link to article in Government Computer News:


9) Get Ready for OnStar Everywhere
Link to article on


10) New York City Transit Cuts Announced; Among Them, Announcers
Link to article in The New York Times:

11) New Numbers for Data-Hungry New York Straphangers
Link to article in The New York Times:


12) New Intelligent Traffic System Will Miss Commonwealth Games in Delhi
Link to article in the Hindustan Times:


13) Apps on Wheels
Link to article in M2M:

News Releases

Job Postings
 -  Editor, Transport Policy – Elsevier

Upcoming Events
FHWA Maintenance Decision Support System Showcase – May 19 – Madison, Wisconsin 

Friday Bonus
As someone who has had numerous recording sessions, I can relate to the problems experienced by this novice voiceover actor.

Today in Transportation History    
1960 **50th anniversary** - Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev announced the USSR had captured U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers who was shot down on a spy mission over the Soviet Union.

Additional information on "last minute" ad space
Since this is something new for me, this is a bit experimental.  One way I can let potential advertisers know about openings is by creating a list of those who might have an interest in purchasing "last minute" ads.  When I have an opening I will e-mail everyone on the list and the first to reserve the space will get that day's ad.  Those on the list are under no obligation to buy an ad.  "Last minute" ads can be preempted by those paying full-price.  If you have questions, or to be added to the notification list, please contact me at

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