Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

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Monday, May 17, 2010 – ISSN 1529-1057

Join the International Road Federations and world-renowned global experts in Austin, Texas September 8-10, 2010 for the IRF Executive Workshop on Performance Based Contracts & Evaluating Asset Condition.  Top public & private sector experts from the United States, Canada and Europe will present case studies, lessons learned and new approaches to this type of Public Private Partnership.  This workshop is designed to help road operators and agencies world-wide find ways to lower operating costs and better cope with financial pressures.  For more information Click Here


1) FAA Rule Grounds Ohio DOT's $1.29 Million Camera, $1.72 Million Photograph Plane
Link to article in the Dayton Daily News:

2) Australia to Merge Military and Civilian Air Traffic Control
Link to article on OfficialWire:

3) Is This the Airport of the Future?
German engineers erect sprawling lab to hatch airport and travel solutions.


4) Better Bikeways: Guerilla Improvements and DIY Signage
Link to blog in Good:


5) Traffic Camera Company Embeds Former Spokesman at Arizona Republic
Link to commentary on


6) US Air Force Working Through GPS Receiver Problems
Link to article in Space News:


7) Parking Attendants Trained to Watch for Terrorists
Link to AP article:


8) Illinois DOT Engineer Seeks Uncommon Common Ground on Projects
Link to article in the Daily Herald:


9) Sun Glare Delays New EU Train System
Link to BBC News story:

10) BNSF Boots Up Redesigned Web Site
Link to article in Progressive Railroading:


11) Smart Track: How High-Tech Highways Will Take You Where You're Going
Link to article in the Sun Sentinel:

12) Crime and Traffic Safety Data Help Public Agencies Reduce Serious Crashes and Crimes
Link to article in Government Technology:


13) New York Pols, Straphangers Rage Over 910 Nonworking Subway Cameras
Link to article in the Daily News:

14) US Customs' Commercial Operations Advisory Committee Urges Standardizing Air Cargo IDs
Link to article in The Journal of Commerce:

15) Highly Graphic Texting-While-Driving Ad Comes to US
Link to article in The Hollywood Reporter:


16) DC NextBus Accuracy Falling Below Target Goals, Past Measures
Link to article in The Examiner:

17) New York Student Creates Web Site to Shame Subway Riders Into Changing Poor Train Etiquette
Link to article in the Daily News:

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ITS-NY Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition – June 10-11 – Saratoga Springs, New York

Today in Transportation History    
1970 **40th anniversary** Thor Heyerdahl left Morocco on the Ra II, a papyrus boat, for a journey to Barbados. 

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