Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Friday, August 14, 2015 – ISSN 1529-1057

VMS2DASH, eCall, Road Incident Management, Topics on GEWI Traffic Technologies Tour

In September, GEWI's Traffic Technologies Tour (TTT) will visit several cities in North America to meet with public agencies for an information exchange about traffic technologies being used worldwide.  Current requested topics include VMS2DASH, eCall, Connected Work Zones and Road Incident Management.  The agenda is tailored to the specific interests of each public agency. 

Founded in 1992, GEWI’s TIC Software is used for a variety of traffic projects worldwide. The TTT is an important part of GEWI’s product development process and the information exchange benefits public agencies by learning how traffic issues have been addressed globally as well as discussing emerging technologies and trends.

Currently there is one open spot on the TTT for the week of 14 September.  Any agency interested in participating in the tour or a follow-up webinar should contact


1) Funny Flight Videos Might Keep Us Alive. Or Not.
Link to article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Link to Delta video


2) Japanese Railway Cameras Automatically Spot Drunk Commuters
Link to article in The Wall Street Journal:

3) States Start Restricting Police License Plate Readers
Link to article in Governing:

4) Why Red-Light Cameras Have Big Safety Benefits But Little Support
Link to blog on CityLab:


5) Google Map Editing Feature Back Online After Hacking Pranks
Link to article in The Hill:


6) Augmented Reality: Coming to a City Near You
Link to blog in GCN:


7) New Jersey Transit Won't Share Publicly-Funded Sandy Report
Link to article in the Asbury Park Press:


8) FCC Agrees to Let Amtrak Police Communicate with First Responders on Emergency Radio Networks
Link to article in the Daily News:


9) New Zealand Considering Foreign Language Road Signs to Reduce Tourist Crashes
Link to article on Stuff:


10) British Transport Police Investigate 'First Cyber-Flashing' Case
Link to BBC News story:

11) AAA: Distracted Driving Responsible for 79% of Deaths on Georgia Roads This Year
Link to story on WRBL-TV:


12) Seattle DOT Says It's Making Post-Critique Progress on Traffic Incident Management
Link to West Seattle Blog:


13) Federal Transit Administration Seeks to Boost Oversight of US Transit Systems
Link to article in The Hill:
Link to news release

14) Meet Jessica Ettinger, Voice of New York City Subway's Lexington Avenue Line
Link to story on WNBC-TV:

15) MBTA Flips Switch on Underground Green Line Countdown Clock
Link to article in The Boston Globe:

16) Amazon Envisions Package Pickups on Public Transit Using Lockers
Link to article on GeekWire:

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This is one traffic enforcement agent I wouldn't argue with.

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