Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

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Monday, February 13, 2017 - Cranford, New Jersey

Reno A&E’s iCITE® Data Aggregator DA-300™ Offers Real-Time Traffic & Arterial Data with Cabinet Monitoring

From the Intelligent Cabinet Interface to Traffic Equipment (iCITE®) suite of products, the iCITE® Data Aggregator DA-300™ accesses real-time intersection and arterial traffic data from any traffic cabinet, via high-speed internal or external communications devices, regardless of the traffic controller or central ITS system. These devices are also designed to endure temperature extremes and are well suited for solar powered applications. In cooperation with any iCITE Ready™ data analytics partner, the DA-300™ can provide turning movement counts, amber/red actuations, arrivals on red, detector failures, preemption details, communications and power failures/alerts, split and interval timing data, travel time and the Purdue Coordination Diagram (PCD), based upon Hi Resolution Data, all tailored to provide Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) via a Cloud-based user-friendly interface. Wi-Fi equipped and travel time ready. For more information, visit or kindly contact Matt Zinn, Reno A&E Sales Manager at  


1) The Most Underutilized Source of Data for Smart Cities


2) Technology Guide to Benefit Local UK Authorities Updated

3) USDOT Adds Six New ITS Standards Transit Training Modules

4) Mobility Rush 14


5) Jaguar Land Rover’s InMotion Arm Launches Accelerator for Mobility and Smart Transportation Startups


6) Parking Industry to Gather at PIE in March

7) The Technology Fixing Britain’s Parking Problem


8) Wyoming DOT Forms Committee to Open Communication with Local Officials in Teton County

9) Washington, DC Police Meme on Red-Light Running Goes Viral, Earns Backlash


10) Germany and France to Launch Cross-Border Digital Highway

11) Tampa’s '5 Minute Parking' Signs Not in Compliance with Standards


12) Paris Airport Tests Facial Recognition at Security


13) Avoid Transit App Nightmares


14) GM, Toyota Say US Rules Limiting Self-Driving Cars Need to be Eased

15) Senators Try to Speed Up Deployment of Self-Driving Cars
Senator Gary Peters news release

16) Self-Driving Cars Could Ease Our Commutes, But That’ll Take a While

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