Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday, June 11, 2018

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, June 11, 2018 - Cranford, New Jersey

Upgrade to the Advanced Transportation Controller Cabinet Components

Why should the ATC Cabinet be part of your future plans? It offers significant improvements to conventional cabinets in modularity and compact size, motorist safety, technician safety and diagnostics. It is intended to update or replace all cabinet types: NEMA TS-1, NEMA TS-2, Caltrans 33x, and ITS Cabinet v1. The ATC Cabinet offers the best of both worlds – it combines existing standards with the latest technological advancements to increase cabinet reliability, functionality, and ease of maintenance. For agencies wishing to upgrade their systems to the ATC Cabinet, please contact EDI Sales Manager Jon Muilenberg at


1) FAA Developing Non-Radar Weather Tracking


2) Electric Scooters Threaten to Call Police on Curious Pedestrians


3) Dayton, Ohio NAACP Pushes for Ballot Issue to Eliminate Traffic Cameras

4) Israeli Traffic Cameras Faulty - Tickets Frozen
Original story on Channel 2 Israel (in Hebrew)

5) More Speed Cams, Lower Speed Limits Urged to Protect Chicago Pedestrians


6) ‘Smart Corridor’ Tech Rolls Out in Buckhead, Georgia

7) These Smarter Stoplights in Detroit Could Be Lifesavers

8) Smart Road Opens Path to Next-Generation Transportation


9) Estonian Railways to Improve Safety at 50 Level Crossings


10) Data Center for Tourism and Traffic Information Established in Tibet


11) London Underground Kicks Off 4G Tender Process

12) Throwback: The Last Four PATCO ‘Legacy’ Trains Make Final Run


13) In Thankless Job, One Man at Ada County (Idaho) Highway District Wages War on Gridlock

14) TRB Freeway Ops Committee Announces Release of Emerging Freeway Operations Concepts Form

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