Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday, February 8, 2019

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Friday, February 8, 2019 - Cranford, New Jersey


1) New Las Vegas Airport App Will Assist People with Special Needs

2) Black Boxes Might Soon Send Real-Time Data After Plane Crashes

3) Airbnb Hires Aviation Veteran to Focus on Transportation Opportunities

4) Thales on How AI is Making Small But Meaningful Impacts in Aviation

5) ForeFlight App Shows Airport 3D Previews


6) Speed Compliance Hits 99% on Scottish ANPR-Enforced Road


7) Apple Boosts Data Collection for Apple Maps in US Using Pedestrians


8) Soy Transportation Coalition a Voice for National Transportation Networks


9) US Road Infrastructure ‘Needs More Technology’ Says Rep. Sam Graves


10) IMO Launches New Logo for Its Women in Maritime Program

11) Private Satellites, the Best Tool Against Pirate Ships


12) App Promotes Sustainable Transportation Options to University of Minnesota Contract Parkers


13) Multiple Airlines Exposed to Check-In Hijack Threat

14) Dutch Traffic Safety Association Starts Training Under 25-Years Old Uber Drivers


15) New York City Comptroller: MTA Distorted Reasons Behind Subway Delays for Years

16) Researchers Will Use Data from Transit App to Make MBTA More Efficient


17) ‘Air Traffic Control’ for Driverless Cars Could Speed Up Deployment

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