Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - Garwood, New Jersey


1) Orlando Airport Reviews Response to Chaos After TSA Employee’s Suicide

2) Airport Passenger Ambassadors to Be Added to Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport

3) The Role of Social Media in an Aviation Crisis

4) Airports Test Services Such as PA System, Signage Prior to Opening New Terminals


5) Apple Expands Transit Directions to New Areas, Introduces More Indoor Maps for Airports


6) Earth’s Fast-Moving Magnetic North Pole Disrupts Navigation System

7) GPS, ADS-B May Be Out in Southeast US During ‘Interference Tests’

8) As Need for Elevation Data Grows, GIS Experts Hope for GPS-Like Boom


9) IBM Fitting Europe’s Largest Port to Support Autonomous Ships


10) America Must Win Race to 5G, Senators Told


11) Metrolink Continues to Share Presto Users’ Data Without Requiring Warrants


12) Columbia County, Georgia Offers Classes to Help Understand Traffic Flow

13) Sound Transit CEO Promises ‘Robust Public Outreach’ in Picking Light-Rail Yard Site


14) Virtual Data Room Developed to Aid Hudson River Tunnel Procurement


15) Expert: Georgia Cellphone Law Lowered Traffic Fatalities

16) Is Your Car Hackable? Cybersecurity Experts Say It Might Be


17) How the Taxi Industry is Leading the IoT Revolution in Transport


18) Long Island Rail Road to Beta Test Real-Time Train Finder in Effort to Improve Communication


19) NHTSA Will Not Seek to Require Event Data Recorders in Cars, Trucks

20) Connected Vehicles Successfully Communicate with Each Other in Tampa Pilot

21) Transportation Planner Warns Driverless Cars May Cause Endless Traffic Jams to Avoid Parking Fees

22) UK Government Issues New Autonomous Testing Code of Practice

23) Two V2X Communication Standards Fight for Supremacy

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