Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, August 18, 2008 -- ISSN 1529-1057


1) Lawmakers Aim to Keep Cell Phones Out of the Skies
Link to story in the Kansas City Star:

2) Less Airwave Interference at Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport
Link to story in Haaretz:

3) Late-Summer Start for ICO Mobile TV Trial
Link to story on Inflight Online:


4) Bus Schedule Texting so Popular It Will be Extended Countywide
Link to story in the Express & Echo:


5) Red Light Cameras Give $381 Tickets for Rolling Right Turns in Los Angeles
Link to story in the Los Angeles Times:,0,5997278.story

6) Interstate 20 Cameras Give Louisiana DOTD Tool to Manage Traffic Snarls
Link to story in The Times:


7) 'Spy-in-the-Sky' Paves Way for Road Pricing in UK
Link to story in the Telegraph:

8) New Jersey State Treasurer Says Media Killed 800 Percent Toll Hike
Link to Gannett News commentary:

9) The Traffic Guru
Link to commentary in The Wilson Quarterly:


10) Governors at Annual Conference Explore Public-Private Toll Lanes to Cut Wait Times Between the US and Mexico
Link to story in the Los Angeles Times:


11) License Plate Readers to be Used in Washington, DC Area
Link to story in The Washington Post:

12) Texas Governor’s Blue Alert Designed to Catch Fugitives
Program will use state’s message signs to disseminate vehicle information for those who harm law officers.
Link to story on KVUE-TV:

13) Forwarders Request Aid for Screening Bellyhold Freight
Link to story in Cargonews Asia:


14) Bus Alerts Join Riverside Transit Agency's High-Tech Embrace
Link to story in The Valley Chronicle:

15) Smart Card Tests to Begin on Melbourne Trams this Week
Link to story in the Herald Sun:,21985,24196543-2862,00.html

16) The Power of Quiet
More rail lines around the world adopting cars which ban cell phone talking.
Link to commentary in The New York Sun:

17) Boston T Hacking Exposes a Deeper Clash
Link to story in The Boston Globe:


18) Calls to South Florida Highway Hotline Cool as Gas Prices Heat Up
Link to story in The Palm Beach Post:

19) Connecticut DOT Planning to Shed Light on Traffic Jams
State planning a 511 system.
Link to story in the New Haven Register:

20) Microwave Reflector to Help California DOT Stay Up-to-Date on Traffic
Link to story in the Record Searchlight:

21) Clear Channel Traffic Gets a Jump on XM
Link to CNET News story:
Link to news release from Clear Channel:

22) I-15 Signs Let Las Vegas Area Drivers Know What's Ahead
Link to story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

News Releases
New York Tests Energy and Environmental Benefit of Greater Public Access to Live Traffic Video2) Combined Technologies from Continental and Mobileye Support the New Speed Limit Information of the New BMW 7 Series

Upcoming Events
Digital Signage Expo East – September 16-18 – Philadelphia

Today in Transportation History
August 18, 1938 **70th anniversary** - Thousand Islands International Bridge opened between Canada and the US.


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