Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, August 25, 2008 -- ISSN 1529-1057

ITS America Seeks Program Manager for Telecommunications and VII

The Program Manager for Telecommunications and VII is a mid-level position (to be located in Washington, DC), responsible for providing guidance to ITS America’s Board of Directors and senior staff on matters involving telematics, telecommunications, and Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII). VII represents a significant ongoing initiative between Federal and State Departments of Transportation (DOTs), US vehicle manufacturers, and some local road authorities to define and test a secure communications system linking vehicles with each other and with road-side infrastructure to be used primarily for improving the safety and efficiency of the nation’s road transportation system. For a complete job description, visit


1) Advertising May Replace Neon Art at Atlanta Airport
Link to story in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

2) Aircell Betting In-Flight Internet Will Fly
Link to story on TheStreet:

3) University of Malta Avionics Research Impresses American Aerospace Industry
Link to story in the Times of Malta:


4) Google Claims Right to Post Photos from Private Land
Analysis shows more than 100 private roads in Sonoma County, California entered by company’s map team.
Link to story in The Press Democrat:


5) Newspaper Sellers to Guard Proposed Jakarta Road Pricing System
Link to story in The Jakarta Post:

6) Playing Tag with the Tolls
What’s the story with electronic toll tags in Ireland?
Link to story in the Irish Times:


7) Textwalkers: Do They Need a Heads-Up?
Link to story in The Washington Post:


8) Redesigned Raleigh Beltline Signs to Drop 'Inner' and 'Outer'
Link to story in The News & Observer:

9) Road Signs Can’t Point Out Nebraska Town’s Free Wi-Fi
Link to story in the Omaha World-Herald:
Link to commentary in Computerworld:


10) US Registry Plan for Foreign Travelers Catches Flak
Link to story in USA Today:

11) Caution: Driver May be Surfing the Web
Link to story in The New York Times:

12) US Federal Emergency Management Agency Plans to Inventory Emergency Warning Systems
Link to story in Federal Computer Week:

13) Flood Warning System Unveiled by California Water Agency
Link to story in The Sacramento Bee:


14) Interview with MIT Subway Hacker Zack Anderson
Link to interview in Popular Mechanics:

15) Developing a One-Stop Shop for Public/Specialized Transportation Information in Montana
Link to story in Solutions:


16) Mississippi DOT: New Technology Will Make Travel Easier and Safer Across State
Link to story and video report on WLBT-TV:

17) A New York State Thruway Motorist Asks: What Use is a Warning that Can’t be Heard?
Link to column in the Times Union:

News Releases
Michigan DOT Says: ‘Rumble Strips Save Lives’ with Safety Video
2) Fuel Prices, Movie Times and Live Traffic Alerts Among New Features Now Available on Your Wireless Phone with AAA Mobile

Upcoming Events
2008 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety (ICVES'08) – September 22-24 – Columbus, Ohio

Today in Transportation History
1768 **240th anniversary** -- Captain James Cook departed England on his first voyage.

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