Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 -- ISSN 1529-1057


1) Cell Phones in the Sky?
Prospects improve that airlines will OK their use in flight.
Link to story in The Christian Science Monitor:


2) Smile! You’re Getting a Traffic Ticket
Link to story from AOL Autos:


3) Fast SunPass Lanes a Finalist for National Prize
Link to story in The Palm Beach Post:


4) Suna’s Traffic Messaging Service Now in Sydney and Brisbane
Link to CNET News story:,2000438541,339291253,00.htm

5) Suna ‘Not a Magic Bullet’, New South Wales Minister for Roads Responds to GPS Safety Concerns
Link to story on Current:

6) Police Turn to Secret Weapon: GPS Device
Link to story in The Washington Post:


7) Good Press for a Free Ride
The city of Baltimore has offered free trips to West Coast cities to reporters willing to write positive stories about public transit projects there.
Link to column in The Baltimore Sun:,0,2276639.column

8) High Gas Prices Make Motorists Click on Carpool Sites
Link to AP story:

9) August Edition of Florida DOT’s SunGuide Disseminator Online
Link to newsletter:


10) Flyers Without ID Placed on TSA List
Link to story in USA Today:

11) Survey Finds New Fear Factor – Drivers Texting a Lot
Link to story in the Star Tribune:

12) Transportation Security; Emergency Response and Recovery 2008
Link to papers from the Transportation Research Board:


13) MIT Subway Hack Paper Published on the Web
Link to story in PC Magazine:,2817,2327898,00.asp

14) New York MTA Vending Glitch Lets Hundreds Get Free Rail Tickets Since 2001
Link to story in The New York Times:


15) The Connected Car is Now a Wi-Fi Hotspot
Link to column in the Detroit Free Press:

News Releases
Lockheed Martin Develops Early Warning for Maritime Security
2) NXP and iBiquity Develop Next-Generation HD Radio Solution for In-Car Entertainment

Upcoming Events
MODIBEC China National Event – October 27-28 – Beijing

Wrong dates were given for the IBTTA 2008 Fall Technology Workshop in Avignon, France. The correct dates are November 2-4.

Today in Transportation History
1983 - **25th anniversary** - Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) was created.


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