Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday, July 2, 2018

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, July 2, 2018 - Burlington, Vermont

Improve Emergency Response Time with Reno A&E’s Automatic Vehicle Identification & Access Control System

Valuable, life-saving time can be wasted when emergency responders need an access key to enter a gated community or secure area with a standard gate preemption system. Reno A&E’s Automatic Vehicle Identification & Access Control System provides hands-free access to automatic gates, transit signal priority systems, automatic doors and parking systems. The system’s AVI-911™ transmitters can easily be mounted under emergency response vehicles – fire, police, and EMS. Our system has been deployed for more than 20 years and with more than 50,000 units in operation worldwide. For more information, contact Reno A&E Sales Manager Carl Zabel at  


1) The Secret Language of Air Traffic Control - and How You Can Listen In


2) Road Cameras in Ajman, UAE to Catch Drivers with Expired Registration


3) Florida DOT Gives SunPass Contractor 10 Days to Account for Toll Problems


4) North Korea, South Korea Reopen Maritime Communication Channel

5) Virtual Reality Could Be Future of Arctic Navigation Training


6) Columbus Opens Learning Center with ‘Smart City’ Message

7) Is Florida’s Effort to Stop Marijuana-Impaired Drivers Half-Baked?


8) New Real-Time Tracking Tools May Offer Hope to Avoid ‘Bus Bunching’

9) How Urban Transport Ticketing Transformed Banking

10) How Big Data Can Help Improve Bengaluru’s Bus Routes

11) Sound Transit Surveys Residents on Communications for Planning Process

12) Interview with Lauren Skiver, CEO of SunLine Transit


13) FHWA Head Talks Self-Driving Cars

14) Jaguar Land Rover Tests Connected Cars on UK Roads

15) Singapore to Introduce New Legislation for Autonomous Vehicles

16) New Book: The End of Driving: Transportation Systems and Public Policy Planning for Autonomous Vehicles

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