Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday, July 30, 2018

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Monday, July 30, 2018 - Cranford, New Jersey

Eberle Design Inc.’s New iCITE® Data Aggregator DA-400x™ Offers Real-Time Traffic & Arterial Data with Cabinet Monitoring

From the Intelligent Cabinet Interface to Traffic Equipment (iCITE®) suite of products, the new iCITE® Data Aggregator DA-400x™ accesses real-time intersection and arterial traffic data from any traffic cabinet, via high-speed internal or external communications devices, regardless of the traffic controller or central ITS system. In cooperation with any iCITE Ready® data analytics partner, the DA-400x™ can provide turning movement counts, amber/red actuations, arrivals on red, detector failures, preemption details, communications and power failures/alerts, split and interval timing data, and the Purdue Coordination Diagram, based upon high resolution data, all tailored to provide automated traffic signal performance measures via a Cloud-based user-friendly interface. For more information, contact EDI Sales Director John Shearer at       


1) China Says Four US Airlines Have Missed Deadline to Change Their Naming of Taiwan

2) Smart Restrooms Gather Momentum at Airports


3) Ohio Speed-Camera Signage Could Face More Legal Debate


4) United States Traffic Network Files Nasty Lawsuit Against Entercom

5) Could Blockchain Transform the Transportation Industry?


6) Privacy Concerns Raised with Connecticut’s $10 Million Electronic Tolling Study


7) New Travel Campaign Attempts to Tackle Drunk and Disorderly Holidaymakers at UK Airports


8) Switch Finally Flicked Off at Sydney’s ‘Malfunction Junction’


9) Smart Connection to Prevent Motorcycle Collisions


10) ‘Baby on Board’ Badges Offered to Women on Public Transport in Ireland

11) New York MTA Fails to Notify Riders of Rush-Hour Repair Work

12) Why DC Metro Makes Announcements Saying What Type of Train You’re On

13) The Future of Transit with Mobile Payments and Uber


14) Digital In-Car Road Signs to Be Trailed in UK Starting in November

15) Bhubaneswar Commissionerate Police Launch Traffic Portal


16) The Self-Driving Cars Hitting the Road in Texas Today Are Unlike Any We’ve Seen Before

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