Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Thursday, July 5, 2007 -- ISSN 1529-1057

1) Personal Traffic Alerts, with Made-to-Order Data
Link to story in The New York Times:

2) New Hazard: Driving While Wired
Link to story in USA Today:

3) UK Presses Private Galileo Role
Link to BBC News story:

4) FAA OKs Weather Radios in Control Towers
Link to story in The Plain Dealer:

5) The Car System that Tells You When You’re Going to Crash
Link to story in the Daily Mail:

6) US Airlines Sell Communications Company ARINC to Carlyle Group
Link to AP story:
Link to news release from The Carlyle Group:

7) Toronto Transit Commission has ‘Duty’ to the Blind
Lawyer says TTC is infringing on the rights of blind people by not calling bus and street car stops.
Link to story in the Toronto Sun:

8) Unlocking the Secrets of New-Age Auto Theft
Keys, 'clones' let robbers drive away with millions.
Link to story in The Star-Ledger:

9) Airline Passenger Code of Conduct, Part 1
Should airlines stop passengers from viewing offensive material on their laptops--or look the other way?
Link to story in PC World:,133579-c,consumerrelatedlegalissues/article.html

10) Locator Beacons Built to Save Lives
Link to story in the International Herald Tribune:

11) Cobra Sees the Future at the Red Light
Maker of radar detectors and portable navigation devices, expects a huge interest from consumers in speed and traffic light camera detection using GPS technology.
Link to story on GPS Business News:

12) Articles from June Issue of Better Roads
- We Need Better Signage[showUid]=866
- Highway Work Zones: Smart and Smarter[showUid]=875

News Releases

1) Fiat Group Automobiles and Microsoft to Offer Blue&Me Infotainment Solution

2) A Report on the Future Perspective of the Telematics Industry Along with a Forecast for the Automotive Telematics Market

Upcoming Events
Association of Commuter Transportation 2007 International Conference – September 9-12 - Seattle

Today in Transportation History
1934 – Two striking longshoreman were killed and others shot during a clash with police in San Francisco. The event has come to be known as “Bloody Thursday.”


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