Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, October 20, 2014 – ISSN 1529-1057

You may have seen links in the TCN to Transportation Radio stories I've done. These are audio stories with original reporting on various transportation subjects. I hope to do even more of these in the future. I've created a webpage where future Transportation Radio stories can be found. It's

If you have a chance, please do me a favor. I'd like to make sure this site and the stories play on a variety of browsers and locations, especially outside the US. Please click on the link above and on one or more of the stories and let me know if you encounter any problems. Thanks!


1) Sandia Labs Works to Digitize Plane Inspections
Link to story on KOAT-TV:

2) Smoother O'Hare Airport Landings Face Technical Headwind
Link to article in the Chicago Tribune:

3) NASA Tool Helps Airliners Minimize Weather Delays
Link to article on Space Daily:

4) Airports Authority of India: Navigation System to Track Flights Over Ocean Implemented
Link to article in Outlook:


5) Civil Liberties Groups Appeal for Los Angeles Authorities' Collected License Plate Data
Link to story on KNBC-TV:


6) 3D Printed Maps Help Blind Navigate Japanese Cities
Link to article in The Asahi Shimbun:


7) Delhi Traffic Police Use WhatsApp to Register Complaints
Link to article on NITI Central:

8) Articles from Ohio DOT's Transcript
 -  How a Foggy Morning Led to One of Transportation's Greatest Safety Innovations (page 4)
 -  ODOT Aerial Photographer: An Office in the Sky (page 5)


9) First Issue of Parking Technology Today
Link to magazine:


10) Annual Survey of State DOTs Shows Social Media Usage Continues to Grow
Link to Talking Transportation blog:


11) Union Pacific Boosts Rail Inspections in High-Hazard Mountain Passes
Link to article in The Sacramento Bee:


12) How Telematics Has Completely Revolutionized the Management of Fleet Vehicles
Link to article in Entrepreneur:


13) Austin, Texas Works to Reduce Traffic with Smartphone Apps
Link to story on KXAN-TV:


14) New Transport App Makes Trip-Planning Easy in Cape Town
Link to article on IOL:
Link to news release

15) New Hampshire Rail Group Unveils Website Promoting Commuter Service
Link to article in the Concord Monitor:

16) Cybersecurity and Mass Transportation
Link to blog in Mass Transit:


17) European Project Testing On-Board Vehicle Units Communicating with Roadside Units in Real-Time
Link to article in the Evening Chronicle:

18) Johnson City, Tennessee Hopes Digital System Improves Traffic Flow
Link to article in the Johnson City Press:

19) Effectiveness of Different Approaches to Disseminating Traveler Information on Travel Time Reliability
Link to report from the Transportation Research Board:

20) Design Guide for Addressing Nonreccurent Congestion
Link to report from the Transportation Research Board:


21) Automakers Revving Up for CarPlay
Link to article in USA Today:

22) Qualcomm: Cars of the Future Will See Around Corners
Link to article on TechnoBuffalo:


23) National Weather Service Powers Up Faster, More Detailed Weather Forecasts
Link to article in GCN:

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