Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) Air Hollywood Brings Aviation Reality to Movies, Television
Link to article in Airways:

2) John Wayne Airport's Troubleshooter Fixes Anything, Any Time
Link to article in the Orange County Register:

3) UK Documentary Series to Feature Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Link to article in the Liverpool Echo:

4) Latest Edition of Future Airport
Link to magazine:


5) All-Electronic Tolls Inch Forward in New York City
Link to article in The Wall Street Journal:


6) Amsterdam Traffic Controllers Offer Commuters Personalized Route Advice
Link to article in PC World:


7) Dedicated Automobile Traffic Monitor with Raspberry Pi
Link to blog on Hackaday:


8) Ad Blitz on Napthine Transport Plan Cost Victorians $15 Million
Link to article in The Age:


9) Amtrak, Connecticut Begin Marketing Rail Line to Attract Riders
Link to article in the Record-Journal:


10) The Road Weather Management Benefit Cost Analysis Compendium
Link to further information from FHWA:


11) $9,000 Signs Tell Riders Where Chicago Transit Station Entrances Are
Link to article in RedEye:


12) CES Cars: Consumers Want Traffic and Parking Info
Link to article in U-T San Diego:


13) Ford Sees Driverless Cars in Five Years, but Not from Ford
Link to story on Bloomberg's Before The Bell:

14) Ford CEO: Our Driverless Cars Will Be Affordable
Link to story on Bloomberg's Market Makers:

15) GM Not Shy About Advertising in the Car
Link to article on GPS Business News:

16) GM: We're Open to Apple, Google and Other Connected Car Services
Link to article on FierceWireless:

17) Automotive News from CES in USA Today
 -  Ford CEO Touts In-Car Technology at CES
 -  Auto-Tech Firm Shows Off 'Cool' In-Car Gadgets
 -  Mercedes Unveils Living Room on Wheels at CES

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