Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Thursday, December 8, 2016 – Cranford, New Jersey

Bernie's Notes
I'm trying something a little different with today's edition and I'd like your feedback on what you think of it.

I'm embedding the links for the articles with the name of the source of the story. On the plus side it makes the newsletter more streamlined, but I'm more concerned about readability. One hallmark of the TCN is that it's easy to scan and read the stories you find interesting. I've stayed away from photos and other "extras" that would make the TCN slower to load and more cluttered.

Please let me know what you think. Is it better, worse or it doesn't make a difference? Please drop me a note at and let me know how you're reading the TCN (on a desktop, phone, etc.) and how it comes to you (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). Thanks!


1) Airlines Seek National Route to More Efficient Skies in Europe


2) Massachusetts DOT Says Move to Electronic Tolling is Saving Commuting Time


3) App Uses 'Swarm' to Aid Motorcyclists

4) Victorian Transport Association Outlines Transport Technology Imperative


5) The Plan to Remake the American Port with Better Data

6) How the Port of Rotterdam is Investing in Cybersecurity


7) UK Department for Transport Launches £2.5 Million Transport Tech Funding Package


8) Basketball Star Yao Ming Releases Emoji Package to Promote Traffic Safety

9) The Media Megaphone: Does It Help Curb Bad Infrastructure Projects?


10) In Earlier Battle, FHWA Told New York State Bridge Authority Ad Signs Were Illegal

11) New Boston Sign Will Tell Drivers Distance to Newport, Oregon


12) The Horizons of Technological Control: Automated Surveillance in the New York Subway


13) Bad App-titude: The Problem with Infotainment is Our Expectation

14) From the Road to the Air, the Evolving Use of Telematics


15) San Francisco Muni Chooses Places Over People for Station Names

16) Wi-Fi in Underground New York City Subway Stations Still on Track for Completion, Source Says

17) Los Angeles County Metro Seeing $$$$ with New Opportunity to Sell Naming Rights to Rail Lines, Stations


18) Missouri DOT, Springfield Combining Traffic Management Systems


19) Uber Wants to Pump the Brakes on Autonomous Car Testing Rules in Pennsylvania

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