Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Transportation Communications Newsletter

Monday, August 3, 2009 – ISSN 1529-1057

Traffic Technologies Inc., an established toll system and ITS consulting firm providing technical, operational, and financial consulting to the toll industry, is seeking a West Coast based Senior Toll System Consultant. The

position requires comprehensive knowledge of toll systems and demonstrated ability in the application of industry best practices to the development of systems and services required for toll transaction acquisition and processing, and all aspects of toll system analysis and development.

Bachelor’s degree (Masters preferred) in an Engineering curriculum

7+ years of demonstrated experience in the toll industry.

US Citizen or Green Card

See more details at

Send resumes and cover letter in confidence to:


1) JetBlue and United Give Twitter a Try to Sell Airline Seats Fast

Link to story in USA Today:

2) More of Air Force One’s New York Photo Op Released

Link to story and video on CNN:

3) Flying Blind

How many planes hit birds each year? The FAA ought to know. But it doesn’t.

Link to editorial in the Houston Chronicle:


4) Interview: Dr. Paul Torrens of Arizona State University on Process Models and Dynamic GIS... What GIS Needs Next - Part 1

Link to interview in Directions Magazine:


5) Worst Part of a Trip May be Booking It on the Web

Link to story in The New York Times:


6) Tracking the Recession: State Stimulus Web Sites Get Mixed Marks

Link to story on Stateline:


7) Los Angeles Freeways to Get Futuristic ‘Smart Studs’ to Help Guide Traffic

Link to story in the Los Angeles Times:,0,458878.story

8) Technology Can End Rail Crossing Smashes: Road Expert

Link to Australian Broadcasting Corp. News story:


9) Red-Light Camera Signs Aid Safety, Hurt Tickets

Safety up, revenue lags in Naperville, Illinois.

Link to story in the Chicago Tribune:,0,3881774.story

10) Stars are Aligning to Ban US Drivers from Text Messaging

Link to column on ZD Net:


11) Traffic Tweets Could Help Public Avoid Jams

Link to column in the Star Tribune:

12) Tune in Islamabad Traffic Police FM Radio to Have Updates on Traffic Flow

Link to story in The Daily Mail:


13) Ford Says Clunker Clarity Could Have Boosted Sales

Link to AP story:

14) Blind Drivers Plot Their Own Course

Link to story in The Washington Post:

Upcoming Events

2nd Teens in the Driver Seat Summit – November 14 – El Paso, Texas

Today in Transportation History

1914 **95th anniversary** - Two submarines, purchased by British Columbia, arrived to defend Canada’s west coast.


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