Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057

TCN November Fundraiser

The TCN had its origins in 1998 and is one of the oldest online transportation newsletters in the world. Each weekday I attempt to keep you updated on news and information about transportation communications. Twice a year, in May and November, I hold a fundraiser to support the Transportation Communications Newsletter. You'll find information below on how you can make a donation. Thank you for your support!


1) Bringing NextGen Avionics to the Business-Jet Set

Link to article in Flight International:

2) Better Communication to Mitigate Complaints About Aircraft Noise: Initiatives at San Diego International Airport

Link to article from the Transportation Research Board:


3) Oxford, UK Plans to Install Cameras and Record Conversations in Taxis

Link to article in the Oxford Mail:

Link to statement from the Oxford City Council:

Link to commentary from Big Brother Watch:


4) Maps of the Netherlands Redesigned to Show Travel Times Rather than Distance

Link to article on DutchMobility:

Link to TimeMaps: (in Dutch)


5) US DOT Gives Blank Stare on LightSquared

Federal agencies respond to Freedom of Information request on recommendations.

Link to article in GPS World:


6) Police in South Africa Sending Notifications of Outstanding Traffic Fines via SMS

Link to article in The Star:

7) TSA Officer Fired Over Facebook Posts

Link to story on WLS-TV:

Link to Roy W. Egan's Facebook page:

8) Instant Mobility Workshop Unveils Future Internet Impact on Mobility

Link to article from ERTICO:

9) Media Broadcast Activates Text Distribution Across German DAB

Link to article in Radio:

Link to news release: (in German)

10) ITS for Urban Mobility: Safer, Cleaner and Smarter Cities

Link to thematic paper from ERTICO:


11) Neighbors of Maryland Highway Report Problems with Cellular Service

Agency says toll system and electronic signs not the cause.

Link to article in the Gazette:

12) Revealed: The Road Signs that Will Ban Drivers from Olympic Lanes

Link to article in the London Evening Standard:


13) FMCSA Will Rewrite Electronic Onboard Recorder Rule to Address Court's Concerns

Link to article in Heavy Duty Trucking:

14) National Campaign in the Netherlands Against Distraction in Traffic

Link to article on DutchMobility:

Link to campaign site: (in Dutch)

15) Techplan Research Uses Smartphones to Improve Safety

Link to article in Research E-News:

16) For Transit Agencies, Terrorists are Moving Targets

Riders' eyes and ears among most critical defenses for rail systems.

Link to article in InTransition Magazine:


17) Judging the Quality of Public Transport via Smartphone

Link to article on DutchMobility:


18) Four Cities Using Tech to Alleviate Traffic

Link to blog on Mashable:

19) How a Shaken City Kept Steady Nerves

When the Tokyo region's technologies and transit system were toppled by a quake, people improvised and got home safely.

Link to article in InTransition Magazine:


20) Georgia Bill Would Require 'In God We Trust' on All License Plates

Link to article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

21) Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles Uses Biometrics to Fight Fraud, Crime

Link to story on WJAR-TV:

22) Bayern Digital Radio Presents Forum: '100 Days of German DAB+. More for the Car'

Link to article in Radio:

Link to further information from Bayern Digital Radio:[alterLang]=en&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=3507&tx_ttnews[backPid]=481&cHash=f4d2c500df

23) Automotive Infotainment Grows Up

Link to blog in Design News:

News Releases

1) United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority Launches New Website on Aviation Security

2) 'Gritter Twitter' to Help Keep Surrey, UK Moving this Winter

3) Northrop Grumman's Airport Communications System Goes Live at Maastricht Airspace Control Centre, Netherlands

4) Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles Adds More Online Services

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