Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015 – ISSN 1529-1057

Mitsubishi Electric Visual and Imaging Systems
Seattle Department of Transportation and their cutting edge control room was featured in the April/May edition of Thinking Highways. Read more by clicking here:

With over 71,000 mission critical display wall installations worldwide, Mitsubishi Electric plays an essential role in keeping our modern world moving. From Moscow to Tokyo and New York to Istanbul, Mitsubishi Electric displays operate around the clock, helping ensure the smooth running of the network and allowing operators to zoom in quickly to any potential trouble spots. With an expected lifetime of 100,000 hours. Mitsubishi Electric display wall cubes are designed and built to meet the most demanding requirements of the end user.

Where there is a need to monitor and control information flows, Mitsubishi Electric Visual and Imaging Systems is there.


1) FAA Touts 'Major Progress' on Improving Air Traffic Control
Link to article in The Hill:

2) Airfare Websites Accuse Delta of Shutting Them Out
Link to article from The Wall Street Journal:

3) Beacons Land at UK Airports to Send Out Offers and Rewards
Link to article on NFC World+:
Link to news release


4) Google Maps Adds Traffic Alerts
Link to blog on Search Engine Land:


5) South Africa Cuts Road-Toll Fees After Consumer Opposition
Link to Bloomberg article:


6) Using Technology to Manage Trucks in Stormy Weather
Link to article in Heavy Duty Trucking:


7) The Final Frontier in Navigation Apps: Finding Parking
Link to blog on Yahoo Tech:


8) Colorado DOT Reveals They're Behind Cryptic Billboards
Link to story on KCNC-TV:
Link to news release


9) Railroads Around the Globe Find No Cheap Route to Safety
Link to article in The New York Times:

10) Amtrak Has Radio Spectrum It Needs for Safety Upgrades
Link to article in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

11) How Amtrak Failed the Victims of Train 188: A Survivor's Tale
Link to commentary in Politico:


12) When Tornadoes Are Near, States Flash Warnings on Digital Billboards
Link to article on Stateline:


13) New York MTA Cutting Length of Subway Announcements to Move Trains Faster
Link to article in the New York Post:

14) Exterion to Roll Out Beacons Across Public Transport in the UK
Link to article on NFC World+:
Link to news release

15) Inside a Secret Basement Powering the New York Subway's Pioneering Wireless Network
Link to article in Fast Company:


16) IBM's Smart Traffic System Aims to Improve Traffic on New Jersey Highways
Link to article in USA Today:
Link to news release

17) Washington State DOT Opens New Traffic Control Center
Link to article in the Daily Journal of Commerce:


18) How the Cloud is Enabling Real-Time Data and IoT at Ford
Link to story on ZDNet CloudTV:


19) NOAA Expands Flood-Mapping Tool to Cover Eastern Seaboard
Link to article in GCN:

20) Weathermob Acquired by Japan's Weathernews to Build a Crowdsourced Weather Giant
Link to article on VetureBeat:

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